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UMG, United Malt Group
post Posted: May 4 2020, 11:48 AM
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On 4 April 2019, GrainCorp announced its intention to demerge its international malting business, United Malt, subject to shareholder and other approvals. The proposed Demerger will result in two independent ASX-listed companies:
  • United Malt, an international malting and craft brewing distribution business; and
  • GrainCorp, an domestic and international grain handling, storage, trading and processing business focused on grains, oilseeds, pulses, edible oils and feeds.
United Malt is the fourth largest commercial maltster globally, with approximately 1.25Mtpa of capacity and more than 95% average utilisation across 13 processing plants in Canada, United States of America (US), Australia and the United Kingdom (UK). UMG also operates an international distribution business, which provides a full service offering for craft brewers and distillers, including malt, hops, yeast, adjuncts and related products.

UMG generates earnings along the malt supply chain, from barley procurement and handling, malt processing, and sale and distribution of value-added malt products. UMG benefits from having high quality, low operating cost processing assets that are strategically located in premium barley growing regions, allowing it to source high quality barley and access a diverse range of customers, including global brewers, craft brewers, distillers and food companies.

It listed in late March 2020 .... took a year to get the demerger working
As 4th largest malt company in the world, it is essentially operating in English -speaking countries: Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.
...and the criteria for entry to new markets
 Craft beer consumption growth rates;
 Ease of doing business;
 Established logistics infrastructure;
 Level of competition and brand establishment;
 Disposable income levels to support consumption of higher-priced craft beer; and  Beer drinking culture
CUB have said beer sales are way down, no pubs so no kegs, and cans/bottles not taking up the slack, by any means

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