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post Posted: Jun 26 2019, 10:12 PM
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In Reply To: nipper's post @ Jun 25 2019, 12:24 PM

Looks like the next BWEquities pump. CR @ 2c and excited punters paid up to 9c on Monday's announcement!!

BW raised $8m for fellow U miner BOE back in March 2018. Grant Davey (part of the HCO team) was involved with BOE's Honeymoon project (has left the company) and is also a director of another of BW's "tranactions" - SUP. HCO has all the hallmarks of Tolga Kumova coming on board as a sophisticated investor. Already love heart cdchi1 is "promoting" the stock on HC - cdchi1 is a mate of TK and Ben Kay of BW and promotes most of their stocks. Just needs love heart shimmer to come along for back up support biggrin.gif

The Company is proposing to fund the acquisition with capital raisings to raise between $8M and $8.5M as

1) a placement of 150,000,000 Shares to sophisticated and professional investors at an issue price of
$0.02 per Share to raise $3M (before costs), together with one free attaching option to acquire a
Share exercisable at $0.04 each on or before the date which is 3 years from grant (Option) for every
two Shares issued (First Placement);

2) an underwritten non-renounceable rights issue at an issue price of $0.02 per Share to raise $1M (before
costs), together with one free attaching Option for every two Shares issued (Rights Issue); and
3) a further placement of between 200,000,000 and 225,000,000 Shares to sophisticated and professional
investors at an issue price of $0.02 per Share to raise between $4M and $4.5M(before costs), together
with one free attaching Option for every two Shares issued (Second Placement). Settlement of the
Second Placement will be conditional on satisfaction of the key conditions precedent to completion
of the Acquisition.

The capital raisings are proposed to be carried out in connection with and to partially fund payments to be
made by the Company under or in relation to the proposed acquisition of an interest in the Kayelekera Mine by
the Company.

The First Placement will be issued in two tranches:
1) the first tranche of 25,034,585 Shares will be issued under the Company’s available placement
capacity (15,020,751 Shares to be issued under Listing Rule 7.1 and 10,013,834 issued under Listing
Rule 7.1A), with the attaching Options to be issued subject to shareholder approval; and
2) the second tranche of 124,965,415 Shares will be issued subject to shareholder approval.
If the Proposed Acquisition does not proceed, the proceeds of the first tranche of the First Placement will be
used by the Company for expenditure on its existing projects, to pursue further acquisition opportunities and for
general working capital purposes.

The Company has received a firm commitment letter from BW Equities Pty Ltd to underwrite the above capital
raisings up to $8M (meaning that $0.5M of the Second Placement is not underwritten). This underwriting
commitment will terminate if each of the following has not been satisfied by 5.00pm (Perth time) on 28 February

1) the Company obtaining all necessary shareholder approvals for the acquisition and the capital
raisings (other than the first tranche of the First Placement);
2) satisfaction of the following conditions precedent to completion of the acquisition:
(i) all Malawi government consents necessary to complete the acquisition being obtained;
(ii) all consents and approvals required from Nedbank Limited (provider of Environmental Bond
to the Kayelekera Mine) necessary to complete the acquisition being obtained; and
(iii) all consents and approvals required from the noteholders of Paladin Energy Limited to
complete the acquisition being obtained.

The Company has agreed to pay an underwriting fee of 5% of the amount of the firm commitment, payable on
settlement of the relevant parts of the capital raising.

A detailed timetable for the First Placement and the Rights Issue will be released shortly. It is expected that the Rights
Issue will be settled at the same time as the second tranche of the First Placement. The record date for the Rights
Issue will be advised when the detailed timetable has been finalised for release to the market.

Some extracts from this report written by Friends of the Earth, so could be a little biased - Undermining Africa - Paladin Energy's Kayelekera Uranium Mine in Malawi
Morgan Somerville and Jim Green, June 2018
A report prepared for Friends of the Earth Australia
Full report -
The prospects are particularly bleak for a restart of the Kayelekera mine ‒ it is a much smaller
deposit than LHM and much more expensive to mine. Paladin has said that a uranium price of
about US$75 / lb U3O8 would be required for Kayelekera to become economically viable.18 That is
well over twice the current long-term contract price and more than three times higher than the
spot price.19 The spot price hasn't reached US$75 since early 2008 ‒ the tail-end of a price
bubble.20 The long-term price hasn't reached US$75 since September 2008 ‒ also the tail-end of a
price bubble.21

Paladin has also said that connection of the mine to the electricity grid is a "precondition" of any
decision to recommence operations.22 That remains another obstacle to a resumption of mining.

Paladin itself said in 2014 that a resumption of production at Kayelekera was not likely in the
medium term.23

Even if the uranium price did rebound and the mining resumed, Kayelekera is a relatively small
deposit and would operate for only 3‒5 years according to Paladin

Sooner or later ‒ probably sooner ‒ the Kayelekera mine-site will need to be rehabilitated. Paladin
was required to lodge a US$10 million Environmental Performance Bond with Malawian banks,
and presumably that money can be accessed to rehabilitate Kayelekera.25 But US$10 million is not
sufficient for the job. According to a Malawian NGO, the rehabilitation cost is estimated at US$100
million.26 Paladin has ignored repeated requests to provide its estimate of the cost of
rehabilitating Kayelekera, and the company says that the US$100 million estimate is higher than
its own. Nevertheless it can be said with confidence that the figure will be multiples of the US$10
million bond.

Paladin's 2017 Annual Report lists a 'rehabilitation provision' of US$86.93 million to cover both
LHM and Kayelekera.
27 One problem is that the funds might not be available for rehabilitation if
Paladin goes bankrupt. A second problem is that even if the funds are available, they are unlikely
to be sufficient. For comparison, Energy Resources of Australia's provision for rehabilitation of the
Ranger uranium mine in Australia ‒ also an open-pit uranium mine ‒ is US$403 million (A$526
million).28 That figure is additional to US$346 million (A$452 million) already spent on water and
rehabilitation activities since 201229 ‒ thus total rehabilitation costs could amount to US$749
million (A$978 million). Moreover, current cost estimates could easily increase as they have in the

Rehabilitation of LHM and Kayelekera would likely be cheaper than rehabilitation of Ranger, for
several reasons including the relative size of the mine-sites. However it stretches credulity to
believe that the cost of rehabilitating both LHM and Kayelekera would be an order of magnitude
lower than the cost of rehabilitating one mine in Australia.

Broader problems

...........Standards at Kayelekera fall a long way short of Australian standards ‒ and efforts to force
Australian mining companies to meet Australian standards when operating abroad have been
strongly resisted. Paladin's Kayelekera project would not be approved in Australia due to major
flaws in the assessment and design proposals, independent consultants concluded.35

I wonder who is required to stump up for rehabilitation costs down the track - HCO (if they go ahead with the acquisition) or PDN?

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post Posted: Jun 25 2019, 12:24 PM
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Kayelekera in Malawi was Paladin’s second uranium mine after its flagship Langer Heinrich operation in Namibia.

Kayelekera was put into care and maintenance in early 2014 amid the prolonged downturn in uranium prices following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Uranium prices have shown some signs of life in recent months, prompting several hopefuls to rebuild positions in the sector.
Hylea looking to raise $8 mill at 2c a share, to buy this from Paladin

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