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In reply to: cuznkate on Wednesday 01/02/06 09:15am


The following ABC article may dampen things a bit. Could be additional expenditure incurred in cleaning up the mess and getting the roads back to a standard to get the Plant in.


But on the bright side, a possible opportunity to top up holdings if any SP weakness does occur.


The owners of the Rabbit Flat Roadhouse about 500 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs say flooding this week is the worst they have seen since the wet of 2001.

The roadhouse is on the unsealed Tanami Road, which normally links the Northern Territory with Western Australia.

Jackie Farrand says 164 millimetres of rain has fallen at the roadhouse in the past 24 hours and 300 millimetres for the month of January.

"We wished for it for the last two-and-a-half years so that was not too bad but terrible winds and at 9pm last night we had the winds from the nor-west at 49 knots and at midnight, half an hour after midnight, it was still blowing at 44 knots," she said.
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well now we know what was holding it back - was a good cup and handle formed but spose that gets a bit mucked up when someone decides to selll 19mil - think the co is hapy they have moved on from comments on the grapevine now free to work


grapevine says may be a tad short of money needed to bring to production but ought not be need for cap raise - if needed will likely get bank finance - but would likely want them to hedge and they reluctant to

al looks up from here for mine - but thats probablky telling some of you who have been here since 8 cents so dont want to appear to be telling anyone how to suck eggs - if you been here since then - all i can say is i take my hat off to you!!!

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In reply to: cuznkate on Saturday 04/02/06 07:23pm

bit of a breather atm - should be solid support at 20?? but dont think it will get that low especially if update re upgrade in reserves soon - good time for entry before next leg - I get the feel 27 now out of reach next leg with right news - any comments

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