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Nice to see TAM hitting new 12 month highs. [last trade 19.5]


Next target is 27c.


What could be a hiccup, or make a 'bolter' out of TAM, is how the market rates DYL [ who have paid for the Uranium rights to TAM's ground ] when they come out of suspension.


Still suspended, at their request, due to big anomalies in Uranium assay results they got from their holes compared to previous leaseholders' grades.


TAM holds 33 mill DYL shares as part of the sale of the Uranium rights.

DYL were 12-13c prior to suspension; had been as high as 17c last 3-4 weeks. [from memory]


Either way, TAM's daily volumes are very solid, in the 2 -4 mill range the last 5 days.


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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Monday 28/11/05 01:14pm

Not too knowledgable re dyl side of it but can only see it as a plus surely - if it is good its a bonus if it isn't then it was buyer should have been more aware? Still reading up on tam - only drawn to it by technicals for a trade but might stay a while looking at fundamentals


10 mill in bank

7.5 mill of that probably earmarked to get coyote going and that should in essence fund the rest - will keep reading

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Cuz, assume you've caught up on the DYL story by now. When the deal was done, DYL were trading at about 9c. The rise to 17c+ was all good news for TAM as they hold 30 mill DYL shares as part of uranium deal [15 mill in escrow for 12 months].


DYL back on the bourse and establishing a new base now around 7.5c. It's up to DYL to get on with the exploration now and prove up some decent uranium targets.


Looking good - an announcement from TAM re BFS would cap the day off nicely.


TAM has to be close to the best non-producing gold stock out there atm with plant cost of only $7.5 mill [which they have the cash in the Bank for] and production by June 2006. High grade shoots are first target. BFS expected by end of Dec.



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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Friday 02/12/05 10:20am

Any chartists out there into elliot waves


Am trying to put all this tea leave reading stuff together

tam seemed to form a cup and handle broke out of resistance with some ok volume but went to sht maybe --or did it just slip into an elliot wave correction 5 waves leading up and now on the last of 2 down crrection ready for its up to mid 20's advice supporting or condtraicting welcome. ma's look awful (traded in at 17 and out @19 I think it was but not - just had too many losses of late to carry another - it looked like dropping so I jumped hoping for a better re entry)


had a few rums btw so may be seeing more than really there - luv me rum. Luv me tooheys old also--clouds the mind and makes everything good.........even losses ..........till the morning anyway


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In reply to: cuznkate on Friday 16/12/05 10:22pm

Announcement just out confirms go-ahead of development of mine. First production in 2nd Qtr 2006 with annual production of 50,000 oz per annum. Plant cost is only $7.5 mill with $1.5 mill for contingencies. Cost of production put at AUD$350/oz.

An uncomplicated emerging producer, able to finance the majority of development from own funds with minimal debt required.

It's up to the gold price to finish it's pull-back and head north again to really ignite this little gem.


Happy Xmas

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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Friday 30/12/05 11:32am

nah not alone - I slipped out for a while to play over in the sbs paddock - nice profit there and back over here now - had a few losssed last few months so if anything I am in looks like dropping I bail - should have re-entred at 15ish but only entering on uptrends atm till I recover some losses from elsewhere - not good at picking bottoms - bloody excelent at picking tops last few months - entered on enough of them past few months to hurt lol -but you get that -

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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Tuesday 10/01/06 08:31pm

as I said - good at picking tops of late.


News of an upgrade would be timely - I think that is what she needs to clear 20 - she's got plenty of good country up there so its just a matter of formalising resources i suspect .


Just noticed also - 70% of shares are held by top 20 shareholders - so that only leaves a 110mil for punters so an upgrade should see it fly

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