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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Tuesday 09/08/05 08:24pm

Just hit 10.5c. Open was 9.3.

Buy:sell ratio was 2:1 - now 3:1. Big volumes last hour.

Must go and buy some Tim Tams after the close.


Why the rise ?? Don't know, but seemed undervalued @9c with their 30 million DYL shares having run up so high.


Maybe an announcement??


An ASX query may be forthcoming.

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Looking like TAM is ready to break out. Traded today @ 17.5c B:17 S:17.5.

Chart looks good for a 5th wave [strongest wave] to occur if TAM closes @ 18c or above.

Buy:sell ratio = 2:1


Fundamentals excellent:

Gold production to start by mid 2006 after "the wet".

Very high grade ore shoots.

All approvals in place and cost of plant gone down from about $17 mill to 7.5 mill.

DYOR but this looks like a good'n.

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In reply to: crowman28 on Wednesday 23/11/05 12:07pm

Lot of the smaller goldies surged up the last few days Crow - they usually dip before going on with it.


I like the look of AGS too - Gold/Copper/Uranium with drill rigs punching down holes as I type.


Break of 17c could see 20c maybe?



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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Thursday 24/11/05 10:20am

looks like a cup and handle to me - cup from mid march to mid oct and handle from mid oct to now - if it breaks resistance at 175 could run to 27 or sp (equidistance from bottom of cup to rim) someone just took the 175's out and two big bids at 175 now so if they dont come downto meet them maybe it will go


what do others reckon











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Only just getting into charting but I think it looks good -


thru 17 resistance with 500k volume @.175 took 18 out with 800k volume and 185 with 350k looking good but outside bolingers so maybe its gunna pull back and catch its breath round 175 - 18 while some buyers build to get back inside the lines but looking good anyone got a different slant on it




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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Saturday 26/11/05 12:52pm

sounds good to me - backs up less sophiticated approach of sp extending up from the rim of the cup an equal distance as bottom of cup to rim. bottom of cup about 7c top 17c next stop 27 hopefully. SAU still on watchlist too - rode it from 18 - 33 in august nice little profit


Am interested in the elliot wave thing but gee they are costly - have you back tested it on this stock or others - how close to the mark do stocks perform to it




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