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Hi Arty,



They are currently running with the beta trial in August followed by a pilot phase with 10 colleges from September to December.


If they get this right next year may be a breakout year for this little company.


Interestingly every Friday in August has seen a buy up with newer highs being made...they seem to like buying it on a Friday,


go figure.

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hmmm...walklikeaduck...oldmanbadman rdncoic (rdncoic) Forum: ASX - By Stock (Back | Return to Search Results for 'Symbol: "2835" ')Code: MKB - MOKO SOCIAL MEDIA LIMITED (http://hotcopper.com.au/images/arrow_red_white.gif 23.5c | Price Chart | $115.01M | http://hotcopper.com.au/images/announcement_new.gifAnnouncements | Google MKB)

Post: 9849665 (Start of thread) Views: 51 Posted: 31/10/13 15:36 Stock Price (at time of posting): 23.5c Sentiment: Buy Disclosure: Stock Held From: 217.226.xxx.xxxPost ReplyThread View Back (0) http://hotcopper.com.au/HotCopperCommon/images/thumb-up-disabled-16x16.png http://hotcopper.com.au/HotCopperCommon/images/thumb-down-disabled-16x16.png Report Post << Previous PostNext Post >>If it walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, and Looks like a Duck, it may be a Duck!




"A Nasdaq listing promises to be the next value enhancer, given that US investors are more used to valuing technology companies on the number of users they have rather than the revenue and profit they generate. Once those sort of multiples are applied to the more than 10 million US college students that are the audience for Moko's REC.IT social media platform and the leap of market capitalisation from less than $20 million to $112 million could look like the beginning of the story rather than the end".


Remember when Amazon.com started out? It sold for .25 Cents US a share and made no Money but the Share Price (SP) just kept climbing and climbing? Did you sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else get Rich? Did you watch that Duck?


It walked and talked and looked like a winner all the way up.


Can you afford not to own this Duck called Moko Social Media? MKB? This Duck is Walking, quacking, looking, and getting ready to take off. The NASDAQ listing will put more than lipstick on a pig, it will make Bacon! We all like making Bacon!


Diclaimer: I own MKB/AAP/MOKOY and I am not sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else making Money.


oldmanbadman rdncoic U B BAD or U B Sad!:) :) :)


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