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In reply to: texas4qld on Thursday 03/02/05 09:35am

Sorry to hear that Tex. I've just got in a couple of days ago. Was concluding my research when HWE fell over. Like you I thought this must be positive, so jumped in.


The lack of support for ASL may suggest some nervousness about the industry as a whole following two recent failures. Might take more than a few days for this to be worked through.


I bought on what looked like sound (not brilliant) fundamentals, in a booming industry, with likely reduced competition. Also new major contract in Africa through AMS about to kick in. In short, if they can not make money now, they never will!


I agree, the market doesn't see it this way yet, but I'll be patient for a little while.



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In reply to: texas4qld on Tuesday 15/02/05 03:24pm

You to Tex, I've had a few lately that have had a nice run the day after I gave up on them http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif The nature of the beast.



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In reply to: BSA on Tuesday 15/02/05 02:32pm

Yep it does frustrate me a bit when I have put in some solid research; but I was forced to prune a few stocks and ASL didn't look real healthy at the time.

Still having a nice run on the others, but after researching some stocks you seem to get attached to them http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif



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Hi folks,


..... ASL looking good now, with a lot of uncertainty being

unloaded by the recent announcement:


Exit targets ..... 75 - 80 - 96 - 104


Long cycles due on:


24 March 05 ...


27 May 05 ...


31 July 05 ... 2 cycles due here


06 December 05



happy trading







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Hi folks,


ASL marked the long cycle day on 24032005, with

a lift in price and higher volume ..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


..... let's see if ASL can keep this rally going, through

recent highs, around 69 cents ..... above that we should

see new buyers coming in from the sidelines.


Overhead resistance expected, about:


69 - 76 - 79 - 96 - 103


Downside support expected, around:



62 - 59 - 54


happy easter all







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