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Ausdrill (ASL) began its listed life in 1994 at $1.64. The volatility of this value stock was demonstrated by the plunge to 37 cents in early 1995 and then the steady ascent to hit $2 in the early days of 1997. However, this was merely a prelude to the dizzy descent to a low of only six cents in September 2001. Since then, Ausdrill has been rising again - it had progressed to 76 cents on Christmas eve 2003 and is still clearly trending upwards.


At this price, Ausdrill still represents good value, with a historical p/e ratio of only 6 times and a dividend yield of more than 5 per cent.


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ASL continues its rise upwards today.


I'm a long-term holder of this stock and recently had the opportunity to talk with ASL employees during a trip to WA. We spent a couple of days in Kalgoorlie and visited the Superpit when it had an open day. ASL had a great display of photos their rigs in action, plus a couple of 'real life' rigs on display. The driller I spoke with apologised that they didn't have more of their rigs there, but they were all out working. A very good sign, I thought.


ASL has the contract to do all the blasting and drilling at the Superpit, plus many other contracts on sites around Oz. I'm not sure how long this contract's for, but the current estimated life of the Superpit is until 2016. The guy I spoke to also said they're a great company to work for. All very positive for ASL and as a shareholder I was delighted to both see what they were doing, and to speak with one of their staff. After that trip I topped up my holding.



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Hi folks,


WARNING: ..... all of the following is pure

hearsay and drilling industry speculation, so

please do your own research.


On 12122002, a brief note about rationalisation

in the industry was posted ... see post below.


Only recently, BDL receivers have offered Brandrill,

as a going concern.


Both, AVR and ASL are said to be looking over BDL

assets, as either company would receive a significant

and immediate revenue boost, by scaling up in the

same industry.


Both ASL and AVR charts topped out in Feb 2004 and

made a rest stop in late May 2004 ..... and both

are in limbo, with room to move up or down, so it

is obvious that both markets are anticipating some

news .....


..... in acquiring BDL assets, either ASL or BDL will

likely have to go back to the market for more money.


It should be interesting to watch these events unfold.


Will post some astroanalysis on these stocks later, so

meanwhile, do you your own research on the fundamentals.


happy trading all








--- In AussieOilers@y..., "yogi" wrote:


> Hi folks,


> An observation that may be worth repeating here.


> With BDL back in town there's 3 listed mineral drillers

> located in Perth, all focused on similar markets.


> Since these markets have shrunk from the boom times,

> it would not be unreasonable to expect some

> rationalisation in the industry.


> Price action of both ASL and AVR, looks like some major

> news is expected soon ... particularly ASL ... narrow

> range days over an extended period, since early

> October 02.


> This chart pattern also happened just before BDL

> was suspended ... coincidence, maybe?


> hot charts


> yogi



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Hi Dory,


Have been watching ASL for a while now and it is

primed for some news, but figured it may not

be until the next significant time cycle, which

falls due on 17112004.


A break above 55 cents will see a lot of new

buyers coming in form the sides, in anticipation

of an announcement .....


..... not sure what id driving ASL right now, but

it has stirred off its lows in recent days.


Would like to see it test the lows again, around .50

before lifting off again, around the date above ...???


Anyway, for sure something has stirred up the hive ... http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


happy trading all






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Hi folks,


Two short cycles and one long time cycle

fall due on 17112004, so will be alert

on Wednesday for a breakout and/or some

company news.


Other techie indicators have also turned

up too, making ASL look mildly positive .....:-)


happy trading all






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Hi folks,


Short cycle due tomorrow 16122004 for ASL

..... and volume has been building up a

little over the past couple of days, with

no price move.


So, that may be some insiders getting set

before an announcement ..... ?




Having tested the .50 support level, about

half-a-dozen times since mid October 04, it

is odds-on, that the low has been established.


This is also supported by a huge ellipse,

stretching past a time target in July 05.


About the only negative on the ASL chart is

the left-hand bias to the price action, since

the October lows, which would normally indicate

a break below recent support ..... however, the

longer it bounces along in that 50-53 cent zone,

the stronger that support becomes, as the price

starts to tick up the right side of the ellipse.




Traders have a few options entering ASL:


a) Enter immediately, before the announcement,

with a stop loss.


b) Wait for an announcement, then jump on board.


c) Wait for a breakout with volume, above resistance

at .53 or even up to 60 cents, for more conservative



That 60 cent level being the immediate downtrend

to a retracement target, at 53 on 18-21 Feb 2005.




By the time our next long time target comes in

for ASL, on 20 Jan 2005, that conservative breakout

level will be down to about 56 cents.


So, we have long time cycle targets,

around these dates:


20 January 2005


18-21 February 2005


24 March 2005


28 May 2005


31 July 2005


happy trading all




P.S. ..... alert for some positive ASL news,

over the next couple of days .....




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