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QUOTE (ridgey @ Monday 02/07/07 12:46pm)

OGC have just ann commissioning the Globe Progres Mine in NZ making it a multi mine operation. 2 operating in NZ and 2 under development The Frasers U/ground in NZ and the Didiplo in the Phillipines. The GPMine will produce 50,000 ounces Au at a cost of $406/oz this year and in 2008 it will produce 82,000 ounces Au at a cost of $252/oz. The production cost may be high this year but that is purly due to the commissioning of this mine. When coupled to what is currently being produce at Macraes we have a relativey low cost operation when compared to its peers. Keffie http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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In reply to: stix1771 on Friday 01/02/08 02:32pm

Its all good and right on track. The Oxfam nonsense was typical beat-up by the usual people who know very little about the realities of such places. They are so caught up in their self-righteousness that often take the word of a few trouble makers without checking out the facts!

N.Z. mines on track and costs decreasing as Au increases

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QUOTE (BSA @ Friday 01/02/08 01:57pm)

Nice little potential double bottom in play and looking for break of $3 to confirm.

Looking interesting last few days, now can it take out the consistent 50,000 sellers that have been capping price and can it crack the $3 res? (a few more 50,000 scattered through out sell side up to $3.14)

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In reply to: BSA on Wednesday 12/03/08 11:47am

OGC caught my attention a couple of days ago as well.


Has been well supported on TSX lately & sellers appear to be very patient.


Was sold down on poor operational results which they appear to have overcome.


With continued USD weakness / inflationary pressures it should follow the trend of the

gold price - have taken a position.



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