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In reply to: Danville on Monday 09/07/07 10:31pm

i read on another forum earlier this evening that in its last report, ilu had indicated that for every 1c movement on the aud affected their bottomline by something like $8 mil and that was when the aud was trading at about 75c. the penny has to drop soon that a strong aussie is not a great thing for our miners.


gosh....bhp is trading like a penny stock at the moment. just nuts.


my shorting finger is getting very itchy....perhaps another day or two.


i know this is a turn around for me, as i was quite bullish early last week.......but as i said, i don't like how the market is trading outside of resources.

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QUOTE (jaolsa @ Monday 09/07/07 11:01pm)

Bonds down, oil down.

If US Markets close UP, I might take a long position.


Btw J, I agree with what you're saying, in the back of my mind there is this worry that the market will correct http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif


Plus it doesn't help that the chart for the last 3 months looks like this:



Then there is today which is like this:



Doesn't give me much confidence in the strength of it at the moment!

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In reply to: jaolsa on Monday 09/07/07 10:12pm

thanks J for fill me some market sentiment.

i've been out of action for last few session, sort of lost bit of touch with market.


i thought QBE's down move may caused by London bomb scare and strong Aussie dollar. but the reason Ann tells me that they will have plenty cash to splash runing up to earning call. agree with you that BHP might run out paff soon, but if market gonna hit that all time high and miners already had their run then they have to pump up financials. some times, simple logic that works well. but my pick on QBE might be a dumb move, because all others doing well, why only QBE copped few little cuts as market power ahead??

that got me bit worried. still hold a chunk, bet on that market simplly had silly move with the reason i stated above.


by the way, my BHP target is $41 {weekly chart}.


so xjo may still will make new highs along with other major index.


good night you all!!



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In reply to: jaolsa on Monday 09/07/07 11:01pm

hmm....maybe earnings session isn't going to be as solid as everyone had anticipated. headlines so far on cnbc include:


Children's Place Sales Fall 4% in June

Lexmark Trims Second-Quarter Profit Outlook on Weak Sales

Sony Cuts Price on PlayStation 3 by $100 to "boost the video game console's lackluster sales"


thu, will play each day as it comes for now.

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In reply to: jaolsa on Monday 09/07/07 11:47pm

Sales Miss Crushes Alcoa


By TSC Staff

7/9/2007 4:15 PM EDT





Alcoa (AA - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) sank late Monday after the can maker matched second-quarter profit targets but came up light on sales.

The Pittsburgh-based aluminum company made $715 million, or 81 cents a share, for the quarter ended June 30, down from the year-ago $744 million, or 85 cents a share. Sales rose to $8.07 billion from $7.8 billion a year earlier





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In reply to: jaolsa on Tuesday 10/07/07 08:32am

Interesting UK article for any index cfd traders using CMC concerning the billionaire founder of the company.


I can see all the times theyve hit my stops on the ozzie200 have gone to a good cause. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ohmy.gif


Yesterday's Sunday Telegraph:



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In reply to: AJ_ on Tuesday 10/07/07 09:04am

zfx is trading on takeover speculation. so tread carefully with that one.


aj......i have a few thoughts, but nothing specific as yet. i'll be focussing on those that are overbought - but for today, i'm looking at wow's report and how it trades. it's report better be outstanding as a lot of good news has already been factored in the price over the last few days.



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