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When Value has dominated trading sessions this year, Small Caps have outperformed, sometimes wildly so... This has been especially true over the last two days: The IWM R2k ETF has outpaced the SPX by over 4% and has bettered the NDX 100 by over 8%.


This has gotten a LOT of attention.


The IWM, of course, had not notched a new all time high until this week, which made it very late to the game. The NDX made a new high in June, the SPX, in August. From this perspective, it would appear that the Small Caps have lagged.


That certainly has NOT the case. The Small, Micro and Mid Caps all are up more than the SPX and NDX since the March lows.


Just how strong has this relative pop been? It's now triggered the first relative Demark Sell Signal vs. the SPX since February, 2019.




so they think russell 2000 is way over bought !!


for asx200

still think the index gonna test 6400---6425ish before this weekend. imho


nothing is safe these days!!



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I'm seeing the market in rally mode until sometime between late september & late october. I've had a target of 6,900+/- so we could see one final rally like back in May. When this complete's, i've got a min target of 5,100 to the downside, but i really think we'll test the March low sometime in the first half of 2021.

I still see no evidence of this uptrend being completed. Obviously wrong that this would be completed by the end of October.

Absolute max time for the uptrend to complete is Jan 2021, then the downtrend needs to complete by the first half of 2021. Looks like were in for surprise in Dec / Jan.


6,900 +/- starting to look like a possibility.


Big picture still the same. The lows get retested in the first half of 2021, then markets go to the moon in 2022/23/24?. However, when completed where going to give up nearly all of the gains from the 2009 lows. US market will correct nearly as much as back in the great depression. Buckle up for a wild ride, all should play out this decade.





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The amount of SPX names above their 20, 50 and 200 Day MAs is nearing extremes. Long-term, this is a bullish sign. But it may cause some additional backing and filling over the short-term. The NDX components are not as stretched in aggregate. See the Market Statistics section below.



The IWM R2k ETF remains stretched, especially vs. the SPX. That may need to be normalized before the market can run all cylinders again.




so they expecting a short term pull back from other major market, and long term bullish!!



would see more of pull back today , as TA point out. keep eye on 6375---6385ish. can't hold there , then looking for 6225ish.



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ASX market data frozen; trade execution halted

Luke Housego


ASX market data and trade execution has been frozen, according to emerging reports.


Market sources said trades were unable to be executed from about 10.24am AEDT on Monday.


The ASX confirmed it was investigating a market data issue and that all trading would be paused while it worked to rectify the issue.


The ASX Trade Refresh went live this morning with migration activites occuring on Saturday.







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