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seen some wekness from US market last night , esp the way that SPX movement.

but EU market doing well and some other major index doing fine as well.


seems like money moving around and try to pump up market but bit if short of breath???? :unsure:


asx200, looks good as it's future points out. i'd think of 5925----5950ish is the tight range for today, but if it go above 5975, that will bring out a lot of bullishness!! imho



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SPX had strange session last night, it popped up after FED indicator "lower rate for longer",

then sellers come out wood work , keep the pressure on esp for the large tech stocks , seems rotation keeps on


commodities did well lead by oil price


so i kinda see asx200 will be in range at our market---5950--5975 or even tight range. don't see much on index trading today


by the way SPX key support is at 3350ish [or little lower] drop through there will bring out a lot of bears! imho. it's just TA view!!



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Amazingly I find that you’re not allowed to do that,†Trump said, referring to the idea of receiving “key money†for broker a deal, which he first proposed last month. “I said, ‘What kind of a thing is this?’ If they’re willing to make big payments to the government, they’re not allowed because there’s no way of doing that from a — there’s no legal path to do that.â€


====================== :lol:


not gonna say anything !!!


anyway, market been under the pressure from last section of US market last night, now ,i know what's gonna come out.

i reckon it is main cause of this sell offs now!! stay aside, as a lot of risk going forward . imho



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SPX did break through that key level 3350 last night but slowly clawed back above it and most importantly it closed above 3350, so that gives bulls hopes.


asx200 been knocked down by that tic toc thingy yesterday, as US EU market recovered last session

i expecting asx200 to target 5950 or above, if start day under 5910, i'd go long for a trade.


keep eye on energy sector today, looks short squeeze might happen there!!imho


happy hunting Friday!!



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asx200 went as high as 5920, just trailed my stops at 5903, and got hit,


really thought it should lean toward upside today. :weirdsmiley:

but can't argue with Mr. market. on the fence now. it's strange to see oil sector still face selling pressure ??? saw saudi and russia trying to push oil price up and WTI BRAND all up over 2% last session??



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had a rough scam through , haven't see any major bad things happened .

only see this news



I have given the deal my blessing,†he said. “If they get it done, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s OK too.â€



i knda remember he said he dosen't like the deal and gonna block it last Friday?? :unsure:

anyway, it won't surprise me much anymore ............


talking about market

SPX had technical break down the neckline for the short term, but tested 3288 and bounced from there last Friday. thought the news above will lift it back to bullish trend, but market seems think otherwise

as future of SPX been down as i'm tipping .


asx200 future down a larger margin as well despite this bullish news.

i'm not so sure which direction asx200 gonna go today, kinda lean towards up side.

start low then slowly rise to the end of the session?? it was quadruple witching last Friday for US market!! [ a lot of options warrents eg.. expired ]



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yeah, tombeet

the US market have a lot of reasons to this pull back. i do think USA will have second stimulus as election come close.

my view for this pull back is overbought, geo--risk, uncertainty of TIK TOK deal, all weighing up for this selling.

SPX bounced last night, but it far from out of woods . keep eye on 3325---3350, go over there will trigger short cover, down side target is 3230 the level is important for the bulls


asx200 future had good session last night, expecting some sota rebound from over sold level for short term. and it did hit support yesterday!!


like break record -----lean to long side if it opens 5830---[prefer 5825].imho





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