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FTSE 100 6326.0 119.90

Dax 7572.1 115.79

Cac 40 5716.9 70.54

Dow Jones 13358.3 92.84

Nasdaq 2583.3 21.04

S&P 500 1473.9 14.96

BBC Global 30 5765.8 10.39



Looks like tomorrow could be good. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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In reply to: early birds on Wednesday 01/08/07 12:23am

I've made my trade on my favourite indice FTSE ,Blind freddy would'nt of had a problem nailing that long,


Time for me to go to bed as cinderella time is near!

I wish I knew where the market was going, nobody really knows for sure.

However one piece of advice I can give, that is take one day at a time!


I worked out how to give you 1pt ,you deserve it.



G'night everyone


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In reply to: crowman28 on Tuesday 31/07/07 11:19pm

tent agree with you Crow, but that Abby J C, really had me think twice of my trading plan.


i will give a go at 13500 with little one to see how it's gonna paints out.


the reason i'm worried about, is the PPT is at full swing. i don't think that Abby come out talk at CNBC tonight is a coinsidence.


in case someone don't know-

Hanry Paulson is formal head of Goodman Sachs. Abby J C, is GS's chieve technical analysit. she has the power to swing the market.


they are famalies.


so just take bit extra caution tonight.





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In reply to: Jimmy123 on Wednesday 01/08/07 12:42am

hopefully finding resistance at around 13385. Will be interesting to see what it ends up in the morning. Shame I missed the huge dax/ftse http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif Damn uni.


Night all!

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Hi guys


Looks like you all are doing a great job of holding down the fort. Hope you're making a bundle.


I thought I might try a trade or two now that I'm at my Mom's house in Nevada with a computer. I can't seem to sort out how to log into cmc from here. When i pull up cmcmarkets.com.au i just get a site for nonmembers. If anyone knows how to pull up the members area so I can log in from here I would very much appreciate it.


There's a good lesson for me in the market movements of late. I went in big time short (for me - still a small player compared to most) about 2 days before the market turned. I got killed as the market moved a bit higher and I began to doubt myself, my trades, and even my choice of profession. Decided to take the hit and reevaluate after my holiday. If I had had the courage to stick to my original trades (Short RIO, BHP, FMG, XFJ, XMJ, CBA. XJO. PDN, Dow) I would be one happy camper indeed.


When do we ride out a drawdown in capital, and when do we cut and run. Gosh, there's a Kenny Rodgers song in there somewhere. LOL I guess the longs are asking themselves the same question this morning.


I usually cut and run very quickly, but I am reevaluating how well that is working for me. It seems that Crow and EB give trades a much longer leash than I do. As we sit at this critical time where longs patience is surely stretched, and shorts wonder if they should lock in profits, maybe we could leam a bit from each other in this area.


Here's that song again:


You've got to know when to hold 'em

Know when to fold 'em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run




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In reply to: Danville on Wednesday 01/08/07 03:58am

Dan, great to see you back again! I agree with you, sometimes entering a trade at the wrong time can cloud our judgement, even if the trade eventually goes back your way.


It is a very difficult business getting the timing completely right.


Last night, it was only 10 points or so away from my possible DOW entry, and it just got away from it. I guess it felt as bad as a capital drawdown in my account.


Hope you have a great time there!

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