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I have to say I am really starting to like the potential both as a company and more importantly the share price of INL.

Even for amateurs like me when you read what this company has lined up for the future and that in December 06

this little puppy was trading around the 30 cent mark. It would seem to me that the only to go is up. A little more home

work and I think I am going to take the plunge. Now for all you critics out there take it easy on me, I am just sharing my

thoughts and I would love to hear what anybody else thinks on INL. Cheers :)



Ps, INL for some reason reminds me of another favourite of mine NMS.

A really good idea that no one else has or can copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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Cheers Fav,

My sentiment exactly. I've always found it strange when Australians with a bright idea were forced to go O/Seas because of all the jealous knockers, pysstoff they're not as smart and didn't think of it themselves.

About time we start supporting new technologies and ideas; it's from their ranks that the next generation of multi-baggers will come.

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