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I have been buying for the last three days with an average of 21c.


The cash should be in everyones account Friday afternoon therefore next monday we should have cashed up shareholders looking to add stock.


The selling seems to be coming from the recent exercise of options (motivated seller) and other dividend stripping entities. The buy side should be materially firmer monday.


I am expecting some newsflow by end of this week early next week. The MD should be in the Eastern states from early next week implying it is roadshow time so he will have something up his sleeve which could include, the sale of Mt Colin, White Dam/Vertigo update, drilling/assay results.

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smart thinking, wolver;

Supply seems to be drying up at these low levels, and doubling up now will give us leeway to keep the earlier holding for the time required to claim the franking credits. Additional 12c, albeit deferred till next July, will buy a lot of catfood ;) .



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Don't disagree swuzz, most of my money is going elsewhere but I am well aware of some that are waiting for the cash to land to increase their holding.


I think there is a trade in it for those that like quickies as well a medium term trades. Next week will prove it right or wrong on the former.

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