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sure am :) never trusted wayne macrae with all the excuses for not releasing JORC. glad I never put a cent in there ever. EXS looking the goods :)
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Hi Jay, been a helluva long time mate. Managed to put down the fishing rod for 5 minutes?


Never been in CDU either. Must admit to be interested but wanted something to base a buy on given the colourful history.Might be a good rebound somewhere but I'll leave that to smarter traders than me.

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Good to get a few pm's from old time friends.


At this point the acid really is on Xstrata to tie up a deal, if there wasn't enough already.


For traders the stock might drift in the short term if there is a protracted period of no news but the future of EXS is secured now with the muscle on the register to see them through to mining Cloncurry.


They feel like a stock you can tuck in the PF and sit back while management sort out the way forward over the next 6 mths.

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