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Cobalt (The next Uranium)


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....high-profile investor, Paul Matysek, recently joined the board of Equator Resources and is in the process of renaming the company Cobalt One. The microcap stock hopes to exploit Mr Matysek's track record of finding difficult deposits and is in the process of raising capital.


"These kinds of companies are looking to add to the cobalt supply from developed countries which will take some of the pressure out of the DRC," says Mr Langford. "While the deposits there are so rich it's unlikely cobalt will stop coming out of there, these other plays give investors more options."

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Still holding CHK in my long term high risk portfolio. Strength does tend to get sold into with this stock but maybe

today's news will trigger a decent run. Can't really chart this stock as very illiquid normally. However, nice jump

in volume from recent lows in late Jan. A good sign.

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In CHK's case, that doesn't really surprise me.

I've had them on my radar several times in the past, and it's my impression they enjoy playing the "Metal du Jour" game.

Remember the Argentinian uranium prospect? What became of that?

And then there was this gigantic Lithium resource...


IMHO it's best to stay away, except on days like today if one can catch an early worm and join the day traders - or better still, the "Minute Men" :)

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