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Asian Market Indexes


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In reply to: Danville on Wednesday 18/04/07 01:44pm

cnbc is hopeless....in the asian market wrap up.....just a vague mention that china was down.


re: japan.....


TOKYO, April 18 (Reuters) - Japanese government bond futures hit a three-month low on Wednesday on a rise in Tokyo shares and talk in the market of the Bank of Japan possibly raising rates again before the end of the year.


Benchmark 10-year JGB yields jumped to a two-month high of 1.710 percent as investors shrugged off a hefty rally in Treasuries on data showing a slowdown in U.S. core consumer prices.


Some analysts said investors did not expect the gains in Treasuries to be sustained based on the consumer price data alone, with any signs of strength in U.S. economic data reinforcing the Federal Reserve's stance of keeping rates on hold.


Investors were also worried about rising yields in other markets, with benchmark Gilt yields hitting a three-year high the previous session on the jump in consumer price inflation




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Shanghai down 3%. Shanghai is the most volatile of the asian indexes. The Chinese gov. has postponed release of the GDP numbers until the close of the Shanghai market. Hmmm

Word is that growth is still way too high and additional measures will be needed to slow it down.


Does anyone have a link to the Shanghai markets? ATM, just relying on CNBC which can be quite delayed.

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QUOTE (Danville @ Thursday 19/04/07 01:42pm)

Hi Dan,


Pretty much live ...




Or if that stops which happens ....

same thing with pretty writing .....





Has to be said ... like last time ... Chinese market bounced 11% from recent levels and exchange up 34% on the year .... so not sure I pay a hell of lot of attention to this ... its still 10% above where it sat after the correction 2.700 ish and 20% off the lows ....


In fact 6 months ago the old composite was 1800 ... its nearly 100% higher in 6 months ...


Of course the market gets the spooks yet again ... but relevance like last time for me not so big. Of course our market along with all the rest all time highs so a bit of a retreat back off these levels ...


Good luck

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Shanghai now at the low for the day - down 3.78%


As K1 says, on one hand completely irrelevant.


On the other hand, it can only add to sentiment which is a bit jittery now that everyone around the globe has hit record highs. Most everyone is in profit right now. To take it and run , or let it ride.....

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