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In reply to: ShareScene.com on Wednesday 18/04/07 12:16pm

Anyone participating in the IPO? I am down for $2.5k worth as tha is all I can scrape up at this stage. Would love to buy more. Apparently it is completey oversubscribed, however they will be scaling the instos down in order to meet the 400 shareholders criteria set by the ASX and this may mean that some smaller retail investors might get a look in.

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In reply to: rooster on Wednesday 18/04/07 12:51pm

Doesn't look like their is much chance of getting any of these. According to another forum, even those who have applied for the minimum subscription on the 1st open day of the IPO did not get their order filled. Fingers crossed I get some.

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YTC listed today at a 152% premium to its issue price of 25 cents. Unfortunately I missed out on the IPO so instead I have bought today on the market @ 66 cents.


Anyone else watching this one?


Apparently drill results in 2-3 weeks and comparisons have been made to WLF.

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Anybody interested in this little Company ? Their exploration is getting exciting. They shot up 11.4% to $0.40 this am, after a nice report of more good copper intersections under the old Nymagee pit.


I bought in at 0.295 on Nov.22 on a brokers tip. I will have to buy him lunch !

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