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Thanks, Jack

let's consider the market is always forward looking for yielding/high cap-attractive stocks

can we say the bad news has culminated?

can we say technically all the deckchairs are shifted

and if the market is forward looking do the next few quarters look better than the last few quarter esp given the index trends?

can we say instos now think fundamentally TLS has new set of industry edges?

let's consider the news and that on the news the impulsive bid we sought is in, $TLS is up 3% on a downer 1% day on the $xjo

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Telstra chair says execs are overpaid, questions bonuses, but fails to stop shareholder revolt

elstra chairman John Mullen has told the company's shareholders that Australian executives are paid too much and there is an argument for getting rid of complicated executive bonus schemes.


Speaking at Telstra's annual general meeting (AGM) in Sydney, Mr Mullen said, given the complexity of executive remuneration that has built up in recent years, it was perhaps best to just pay fixed salaries, "commensurate with the difficulty of the role".


However, it was not enough to head off a massive protest vote from the company's disgruntled investors, who have witnessed Telstra's share-price more than halve since it post-GFC peak in 2015, while dividends have shrunk and likely to shrink more.


Almost 62 per cent of the shareholder votes were directed against the remuneration report, which outlines the salary and bonuses received by directors and senior executives.


A protest vote of only 25 per cent is needed to record a "first strike" on pay. A second strike next year could lead to a spill of all board positions.


It is only the second time an ASX top 20 company has suffered a "first strike".


However, Mr Mullen defended the executive pay deals approved by his board, despite the company's performance over the past financial year, which saw its share price slip 40 per cent.


"We thought that we had got it right," Mr Mullen told shareholders.


read more - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-16/tels...-bonus/10381396



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