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Give Your Trading The Edge


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This topic has been created for free and open discussion of "Give Your Trading The Edge" (scroll down for book covers).


I invite any member to please feel free to post any comments or questions you have about this book. Even if you havn't read the book, feel welcome to discuss the general topic of the book.


WIN FREE BOOKS: Each week, members who make quality and interesting posts about this book or any other book in the ShareScene Book Club will be offered a free copy of a John Wiley investment book of their choice.


These book prizes are given to members who support and encourage intelligent discussion in the book club. Simply make a post in any of the Book Club topics to be in the running for a free book. So give it a shot!

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From EducatedInvestor.com.au Online Book Store


This is a compilation of key insights from well-known contributors to YourTradingEdge Magazine. Trading experts Louise Bedford, Jim Berg, Dawn Bolton-Smith, Kel Butcher, Kerry Johnston, Gary Norden and Tom Scollon share their experiences and understanding of what it takes to succeed as a trader, without using the confusing jargon found in many trading publications. Give Your Trading The Edge is ideal for anyone who is serious about trading - whether a novice or a seasoned trader. It will assist traders who are facing challenges to their trading success and give them the knowledge and tools required to profit from the market.
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