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Supercharge Your Trading With CFDs


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This topic has been created for free and open discussion of "Supercharge Your Trading With CFDs" (scroll down for book covers).


I invite any member to please feel free to post any comments or questions you have about this book. Even if you havn't read the book, feel welcome to discuss the general topic of the book.


WIN FREE BOOKS: Each week, members who make quality and interesting posts about this book or any other book in the ShareScene Book Club will be offered a free copy of a John Wiley investment book of their choice.


These book prizes are given to members who support and encourage intelligent discussion in the book club. Simply make a post in any of the Book Club topics to be in the running for a free book. So give it a shot!

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From EducatedInvestor.com.au Book Store


An Australian Guide to Trading Contracts For Difference. Contracts for difference (CFDs) are a revolution in trading. They allow a trader to trade a wide variety of instruments anywhere in the world, and offer an opportunity to enjoy greater returns than shares. This book is an introductory guide to CFDs, designed to help the new and seasoned traders alike to safely navigate the market and profit from this unique instrument. It will equip readers with the necessary knowledge to enter and survive the CFD market and overcome most of the common mistakes traders make. The book offers several trading strategies, as well as explaining risk management and psychology the key components of CFD success.
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This looks interesting. I know so little about CFD's but believe that they appear to offer exposure to world markets on local trading platforms (without the exorbitant expenses that sometimes go with it). Plus theres the leverage - that old double edged sword. This is an area of trading that I would like to get into once I have done my homework.


This book sound slike its the sort of thing I want to read, given that it appears to discuss the mechanics of CFD trading. I think I will grab a copy. If anywone has read it please feel free to let me know what you think the books strong and weak points are.

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