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QUOTE (tedarcidi @ Wednesday 09/05/07 08:03pm)


Dont fill like a gimp. I think it was a smart play. I did the same thing (but sold all mine at 11 and 11.5) and I am sure your returns are still positive by a good % . You have just been burnt by bad management I think not bad judgement.



You are correct. The net proceeds were going to be around 22mil i think from memory, very dissapointing considering the growth in the asset and the premium value attached to its 25% voting rights (as opposed to around 6-7% ownership). When I got wind on that figure was about when I sold, had half my money in it till then. As you will see below I was thinking much much bigger. If you look at the valuation on Globalstar (US listing with no profits and a dodgy network) I think the thinking I had was fair just that these guys did a bad deal. Anyway at least it has been scraped. Hopefully for current holders he can come back with a $50million offer from a US hedge fund (not impossible) but with these guys I just dont see it as being likely. Do you still hold?


(ps when I say they did a bad deal it not true exactly. They themselves didn't do the deal. Basically their US Investment bankers screwed them as due to the fact the directors were not from the US they weren't allowed to get into the books for the sale process as all. the trust in US bankers was always questionable and prooved so when the best they could get was the 20 odd mil)

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QUOTE (roddombo @ Wednesday 09/05/07 11:18pm)


I have never owned FUL/QAD scrip.

You put me onto FUL when you posted on the "fastest growing small caps"

thread. The price was about 4 cents then , so it been a good call by you

if punters bought then.


Being a long term investor i didn't jump in , & then the price got away from me as it shot

up to 10 to 12 cent mark.


This did not concern me , because my fall back strategy was to buy when the

irdium capital return happens. Say the s.p. is 10 cents & they have a 5cent capital

return the price will naturally drop to 5cents.

After the sale i would also have a much clearer idea of what the market values

their core business at.

I think their core business could be quite a success , so i am still interested in FUL

in that regard.


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In reply to: datum on Friday 11/05/07 01:56am

I agree Datum. The other business' have great potential but its potential. The other interesting bit is will they return the Iridium cash to shareholders as promised or re-invest?


Basically if they distribute 4 cents per share and the share price falls to 3-4 cents and Healthpoint looks like it will succeed they will again be a bargain. From that scenario it is well worth watching and I am doing just that. Worst case scenario is they fail on the three points I listed in a prior post. If that is the case who knows what will happen.

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In reply to: tedarcidi on Friday 11/05/07 08:37pm

Did anyone see the balance sheet in the report? These guys now look like they have choked themselves with debt after the promise of a cash filed balance sheet.


Its sad and its been badly managed lets just hope the Iridium IPO will deliver some value from whats left in their stake after that woreful debt deal they did to fund the woeful AHG investment. More importantly lets hope AHG turns around and doesnt drain any value that is left in their iridium stake. Also lets hope healthpoint can deliver some profits this half from its Sigma contract...


Sad result for holders and a lot of work needed to turn it around

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In reply to: handel on Tuesday 11/09/07 02:50pm

It sure is up Handel and on HUGE volume worth $1474 and with a VWAP thats up 13.62% http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif- AHG next big thing ...NOT LOL


Their pharmacy must be doing well... or people might just be happy that as of a few weeks ago they actual appointed a general manager.... or it my have been a tag for a few bucks by someone propping the shareprice hopeful to get an ok sale value... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif-





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