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In reply to: jacsar on Wednesday 30/01/08 04:16am

Jascar, deos it concern you that the report you refer to was written in Aug 06, I too held MON. I attended a share holder meeting in Sydney recently and MK was speaking a lot at the meeting, I came away feeling less than impressed with the manner of his replies to some of the anwers given at question time.

From my limited knowedge at this stage it seems to me more action is needed (get the gold out of the ground) and less words from Mon.

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Well I am here to to tell you that I have been to more board meetings than I wish to remember., I stopped going to meetings several years ago as it became apparent over time that what I learned was not worth the time of attendance.


When it comes to start-ups and Jnr explorers there is NO magic formula for success, I wish there was, but there is not. If there were then everybody would be be making the right call.


Has anybody EVER been to a AGM where the executives were not overall optimistic?


The only tool that I use, without inside knowledge, is just pure GUT INSTINCT, it is as simple as that. IF anybody does have a magic formula, for God's sake lets us all know.


Gut instinct takes time to develop, some it comes naturally to, others have to work at it, others just never find it. For me, I fall into the second group, it took me time.


So what is my gut telling me about MON?.....well let me say that I haven't thrown enough money at it to support me and my family for several years because I like to take risks.

Gold IS going over $2000 in the not too distant future, MON have 5+ mill oz of gold, so what does it matter if it costs them $1500 to extract that gold...at the end of the day they have GOLD, GOLD IS GOING HIGHER.....ALOT HIGHER, SIMPLE http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon13.gif


Sometimes investors are their own worst enemy, in their search for trees they glide right over the forest http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif

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