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In reply to: mme on Saturday 17/02/07 11:26am

Up until 18 months ago, I use to work for this compnay. Management made a lot of promises, but full of cr*p when it came to their employees, so I left.


When it came to $$$ and not sharing it, they were not great employers. So I guess they are likely to do well for shareholders then.


Opinion is obviously biased based on life experiences with them LOL!!

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In reply to: fingermark on Monday 19/02/07 07:24am

Thanks for the heads up Fingermark. One of the brokers I have been dealing with for around 8 years and who are usually very conservative in their IPO approach with me, meaning they know I do substantial research, basically told me to get on it. At the time I was extremely busy so I wasn't able to do my usual research but the person even though I was hestitating because of this fact strongly suggested to purchase some shares. I did so and have since read further into the Company and don't mind at all what I see. Friday will be the tell tale Fingermark. Again thanks for the info. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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In reply to: mme on Monday 19/02/07 09:16am

No worries mme.


Anthony Wooles is a pretty sharp operator and does have ambition and drive and no doubt will have a well mapped out strategy going forward.

Being a major S/H I'm sure all s/h's will probably do well out of it though.


I haven't bothered to read the IPO but some good mates of mine still working for them have taken stock in the Co. and I am hearing there are further aquisitions coming.


Anyway good luck with it. Hope you do well. Not for me though with too much personal history in the Co. prior to AW taking it over.

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