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Frenzal--this is COPYBOOK stuff!


This chart and the two announcements should be framed

by every aspiring gold trader, and hung over their PC..


Its easy when you know how the game is played, notice

how the "boys" somehow got their timing spot on!!!!!


Checkout SUR for the start of another Buy the rumour

Sell the fact trade--the fact wont appear maybe for 12 months!


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Don't know what has happened to ALD - someone seems to know something, hence the big sell off. The PoG can't be the resaon since considering the reduced value of the A$, ALD's income should hardly be affected by current moves down in PoG. We all know that there will be maintenance in this quarter but with ALD passing the 100mozs mark current production should be about as expected. Would really like to know what the probem is.
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love the communication about this stock from management...

whatever happened to barrick..

judging by the sp and volume, you could say the insiders dont have any good news coming out


still trading less than what it was as an explorer

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