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In reply to: spec-player on Monday 17/09/07 09:03pm

Big spike in ALD sp this morning - up 8.5c and now falls back a bit to 6.5c up. Is this just the price of gold or does it have something to do with the Asia Pacific conference" here in Perth today where ALD (Ross Hastings) is presenting? Do we have some good news in the pipeline

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In reply to: spec-player on Thursday 27/09/07 04:07pm

Does anyone here have an opinion as to whether Lihir might want to takeover this company? Obvious synergies and opportunities to rationalise costs.


At $230m, for 84Koz pa and lots of resource/reserve upside it hs got to be a bargin...and a better buy than Ballarat was for the company!


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Hi neuchatel,


I have thought about this a bit myself, from one perspective it does make sense. It sits within the same Island chain and there could certainly be synergies http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ohmy.gif (I can't believe I just used that word) in both operations being managed together. Essentially I see ALD as a Lihir mini-me. On the other hand it would concentrate their risk in PNG, even if LHR is nominally a PNG company. One way or another in the end I think it could be as likely as a toss of a coin.


Regardless of whether or not Lihir is interested in ALD, it is a very attractive asset, and I am sure once the commissioning and first pour are out of the way there will be more than one set of rulers being run over it.





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