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In reply to: crowman28 on Friday 27/01/06 09:25am

crowie - again sorry for delay in replying..[i trade so many shares that often don`t get a chance to revisit all threads frequently http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif ]


Short answer...no atm I do not hold.


Happy Trading


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QUOTE (Zaitech @ Tuesday 21/02/06 02:28pm)

Well she closed @ 0.465 - a nice set-up for possible move tomorrow


Since 31/1 she has hit a high @ 0.47 some 5 times


Further on 27/1 she formed a DWC with top of real body 0.48 and ATH tip of upper shadow @ 0.49


So lets see if she can power up to launch an assault on a new ATH and blue sky..time as always will tell.


Happy Trading


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