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Kos what can I say, what can I do without going to jail ?


It would appear that the Directors of extract are playing a game against the shareholders and still putting their dirty hands out for their income from share holder's funds. Not real nice people at all and I would think, its not the thing for good up standing Directors to do.


The N River's UIS Leases will contain a mountain of low grade U !

Why do I state this, smiply because it was Martin S and Peter Mac who located these couple of leases WITH THE SAME SKILL as they did the Hasub leases and at the time could have laid claim to a number of locations within Nam, but these two guys selected the UIS set of leases.


And our Directors are just giving them away for nothing....... this is pure b/s !

Well nothing for s/h'ers but maybe something for the directors...maybe, what else can anyone think or are they not a real bright bunch of directors ?


I would have thought Directors acting in the best interest of the s/h'er and NOT the chinese


would have,


sold the RS northern section, down to about Salem (if they had to for some untold reason)

collected some billion dollars or so.


then started developing the remained of the leases


the leases of UIS


The cost would have been partly fuunded by the sale of the northern section of RS.




I couldn't find anywhere in JL's statements that extract COULD NOT raise the funds to develope the mine

therefore it is reasonable and fair to guess our directors did not attempt to raise any money


Which then you must draw the conclusion, there was planning for the chinese to t/o extract many, many months ago.


This surely must build a dark ugly cloud over ALL THE DIRECTOR'S heads that they will carry throughout history and will hinder them when looking for directorships in companys, other than chinese !



On a side note, I have heard, be it right or wrong, some s/h'ers are waiting to meet a director or two.

And I can understand the feeling, the feeling someone has ripped you off to the tune of millions. Sometimes some greedy people just don't think, they just see the dollors of others and take it and run without thinking, what if.


Kind regards to all including you John L and your Director mates


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Yep, I think this was all organised years ago. They had to get Peter Mac out of the way, squeeze Steve Sikirich out and they needed people on the inside to achieve all that.


I think Hohnen was bought and paid for a long time ago, that would not have been hard, he was always an oily heap of sh!t. Then they got their boy Leslie appointed, and it flowed on from there.

Take the peripheral leases like Uis and put them under other entities, that just sort of "happened" didn't it? One day it was an Extract lease and then somewhere in one of the quarterlies they sort of became someone elses. No announcements, nothing. Then the "sausage" lease, that promised lease somehow never came our way did it? Bit by bit, new directors came in, old directors went and it was game over.


No drill results, millions to Leslie for doing sweet FA, prancing about but doing nothing.


Yep it was done really slow and really smooth, so slow and smooth that we barely noticed. Then when it was time to call checkmate, they moved in for the kill.


In a way, maybe we should be counting our blessings that they gave us anything, if they wanted to, they could have given us a kick up the arse and nothing else. With the Namibian government, in their pocket, the Chinese trillions behind them and RIO thinking this strategy of being the lapdog of the Chinese will make them bigger than BHP, this group of sleazy scum had it all sewn up.


I just want my money and I want to put it behind me.


There is one possibility. It won't help us but it may mean that the prize they have stolen may end up being not worth as much as they thought. Read this and have a think about it. The world may not be headed down the path we all think it is, the world may actually end up being pretty different.




So what if the Uranium ends up not being worth as much as they all think? What if the future is not nuclear but is still carbon and gaseous?

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Rodders, Dattals sold at $7.


I am also certain that the price went to $10.58 the day Fukashima hit, Dattals was out before then.




I am sure the Dattals knew there could never come anything for shareholders due to the structure of the shares being so messy and the contstant grappling for power and control and that is why he left, but his timing was pretty poor. Maybe that was the best he could do due to the amount. Should have told us all something I guess. The miners were not interested for some reason! Just those that needed to fill their uranium needs.

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Rodders & Harlee.



If I recall Dattels got out to save his other Company, which was under attack by someone else.


I can`t recall what his company or whom was after it, but I pretty certain I am correct.


I hope some of you people I spoke to, Purchased JIN Jumbo Interactive Limited, if they just sign one or two of the


Lotto companies in the states, they will have a rocket under the s/p, good luck to all.





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Never mind - I have managed to locate the article - hope this link posts OK



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Any chance you could check and re-post that link you posted RE uranium to hit $100/lb by 2013 - I can't get anything up on my browser.



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