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Suggest you check out the fundamentals of all of them both here and at the other place but I do particularly like (and hold) PIR & GMR right now. When/if their current runs stall (PIR is looking a bit toppy atm), or even before that, I might move on to some of the others I've listed. I think it's worth evaluating all of them on an ongoing basis. MDI, BOE & PVM appeal right now. I also hold PDI & AQD, neither of which have performed well for me up to now. AVB, CGM and IVR are not on the list; I think they are worth a look as well - I hold. FML holds promise but is not yet at liftoff, so I'd be careful here. My view is that U stocks are harder to pick than goldies, although we could get lucky again with something like MLS. I'm a speculator, not an investor; like many others I no longer believe in the utility of holding most things long-term because of the volatile and fragile political environments that exist worldwide.

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Very interesting and comprehensive - KEPCO are interested in ACB which is worth keeping an eye on.




from 31 March 2011 Quarterly

Senior representatives from KEPCO (Korean Electrical Power Corporation) the major Korean Power Utility and operator of all of Korea's Nuclear Power generation visited the Letlhakane Uranium project with a view to making an investment into the project.
A Letter of Understanding has been completed between A-Cap and KEPCO allowing for future cooperation.




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Thanks EIEIO. I'll check them out this weekend. A good list.


Hey, is today a milestone date for something? Seem to recall 28FEB2012 was the deadline by which something had to happen. Or have I got that confused with something else? Isn't today EXT Target Response day or something? Couldn't find that post that had the dates in it someone posted...

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Hi all.



It is about time that we as shareholders held the EXT Board accountable for refusing to comply with the


continual disclosure rules.


I have spoken to the ASX this morning, and the person I have spoken to, has alerted the investigator of the


refusal of the company to only release drilling results after the T/O.


tHEY are waiting for us to fill the av

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Hi all.


I am sorry about the previous post.



I explained to the person I spoke to this morning from the asx complaints department, and filled him in on the


continual refusal of the EXT Board to release drilling results that are up to EIGHT Months old, I also explained that I


have proof that they have stated this, as in returned Emails from the company, and also explained the letter that


Drag sent to the company.


As I have said, they have already alerted the appropriate Department and are waiting for all of us to fill a complaint


form in.


It would be worthwhile explaining also, Rio`s Sculldugery in this as well.


We as shareholders will only get results if we all fill out a complaint form, so it would be ad visable to let all the s/hs on the other


Forum to do the same.


I tried to download the form and post it on here, but it would not allow me.


When you find the form and fill it out it should have, Info @ asx.com.au inserted on the form so tou can send it off.


To get guidance on how to find the form you can ring 131279 when it answers dont push any prompts, a person will


answer and ask him to guide you to the form, but make sure you are already on the ASX Site.






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Seems EXT management can only be concluded by 2 scenarios for non continuous disclosure,


1, They have something up their sleeve, maybe using the information to gauge an interested competitor


2, There is nothing in the drilling results or as they put it insignificant enough to increase the JORC and valuation.


I am curious that they have decided the results were insignificant when queried reading from an earlier post. What does that mean? Clearly the cash balance in the half yearly have shown that funds were depleting so they were doing something. Very unlikely all drills came out zilch!

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