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all good points, but the one thing which truly dissapoints me is this report is dated December 2011, and I don't see much "news" in it.


You'd think management would be spruking the company for all it's worth to encourage interest; I have no idea what the board are thinking, not sure if Harlee has been on the phone to anyone and has a sense of what's going on.


Sadly it seems most have given up the hope with many posts now suggesting the T/O @ $8.65 is a foregone conclusion. . .



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Hi Gang,


I would like to thank you all so much for your very informative posts and reserch it is has been very much appreciated :rolleyes:


I'm sorry I hav'nt contributed to the thread but I feel I've had nothing more to offer than you amazing people have said!


I also have held and accumulated before and after consolidation and have a fairly decent parcel like so many of you


We have all spent so much time reading and researching and wondering where this stock may take us I would hate to think of how many hours I alone have spent reading or promoting this stock

I know now generally our confidence is low on what we may receive for our shares which seam to be being stolen from us

I Know there are quiet a few people that have written letters and contacted people to try and alert or what seams to be going on here collusion behind the seen's :angry:


For all our time and effort so far a last ditch effort from us all as the ext family to step up presure by contacting all finance media,ASIC and management explaining the importance or drill results resource and exploration which would surely push us to 2nd LARGEST RESOURCE IN THE WORLD and further potential of this amazing resource!!!


Which while we still just have in our grasps would have to be well worth it!

power of the people someone has to take notice of what inaction by our well paid directors has had on the share price I just wish I could put words together a lot quicker this has taken me over an hr :wacko:


Anywho guy to much time and money invested here to die wondering so I'll be taking a day off tomorrow to try put together some of ur posted info into a letter to get out there feel free to join me!

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Good pick up but the report seems to be current as they refer to Taurus offer as it was on the 14th of February 2012.



I hope management does have good reasons for withholding drilling results. Announcing resource upgrade after the takeover or not presenting the results at all would be very risky strategy and very likely to be questioned (possibly by legal action) by major investors. I believe this drilling information and MORE programs findings will be released either:

- when shareholders are asked to chose between the T/O or stand alone mine development option

- to justify managment decision to reject current Taurus offer or

- when another party steps into the auction process

I entirely agree with you about Husab lease likely to hold in excess of 1 billion pounds of uranium. I think most people who followed EXT story recognize this. IMO releasing drilling information now will certainly not change Taurus offer. For this reason EXT management may be justified in holding back this sensitive and particularly useful information from the competitor until late in the sale process particularly if there are other interested parties (i.e. one may ask for indication of price from these parties before giving away further information).

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Good morning Extractors

I was going to do some type of comparison between Extract Husab and the other two mines at the top (relative size of ore etc)

in the graph in the latest report, but for me it would be difficult, as still in start up, and some type of state owned involvement in them both.


But here is some interesting tid bits, china and india very keen !


food for thought !!





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Drag & All EXTer`s



H ave a look at what another company under T/O offer is doing to get their S/P higher, Re Releasing updated Jorc Res


and drill results also spinning off other assets.


MMW. is the ASX Code . Magna Metals.


At least the management are doing this before the target statement is released.


This announcement was released to the ASX this morning, and will be mailed to all s/h`s


They have also stated take no action.





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Hi Simmo,

Excellent find/example - I think we should send copy of this letter to EXT management. I/we always thought that having Kalahari as a major shareholder has given us some protection from the cheap T/O. Unfortunately, Hohnen and his English team/advisors turned out to be complete and utter disaster. Therefore with J. Leslie choosing London as his base, my HOPE is that his strategic thinking and planning is not driven/underpinned by the same or similar type of people.

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Thanks for the post abner, re-inforces the view that we should be overweight to quality stocks in this sector, the big question of course is which stocks. . .


Just wondering if anyone has come across the JP morgan report which he mentions in the presentation. Apparently they produced a report looking at all major resources and the costs base and LT price trigger which will make those resources viable for funding. He indicated JP morgan have quoted a LT price trigger of $80/lb.


If anyone has access to the report perhaps you could post (if possible) or at least share some tit bits of info?


Have a great weekend folks.



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What happened to continuous disclosure as one of the ASIC main principle for a listed company's function to perform its duties? Holding back results that should have been released when available and deferring to a latter date can be seen as manipulating the SP. How does management deem that these drill results are not significant when it can change the valuation of the company? Isn't it the valuation of the company and thus the SP the main ssue of contention?
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