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Hi all Extractors.




I know this maybe a bit premature, but I know a lot of us talked about getting great dividends (income stream) if you


have a read of this companies dividends, it is very impressive, and looks like improving at a continual rate, a lot depends


on the gold price staying roughly where it is, I mentioned this share to Uncle Barry a couple of days ago, and what a


pleasure it was to finally talk to the gentleman.


Please do your own research.




Also if some of you intend on buying this stock, do not be hasty, I put a buy order on 2 $8.06 for 1500 SHARES THE OTHER DAY


there were only 75 SHARES @ THE ABOVE Price, as soon as I put the buy order in I was attacked by a BOT and got the shares


within about 15 seconds, so what I am saying is put your order in under the current price and you will almost certainly get them




Sorry about the typos, but it will not let me edit.











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Hi Ryan,


I think Gero outlined the crucial dates in terms of the bidders statement a few posts ago. The first one lodged was a draft. Taurus have 14 days to lodge the official statement and EXT have 14 days from lodgement of the official statement to respond. According to the dates he gave I'm not expecting a response till sometime between 28 Feb and 13 March. Hopefully, that gives EXT more time to get the resource update prepared and released (we can hope, can't we....).




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Gang of four Extract riches


Kate Emery, The West Australian February 22, 2012, 5:56 am


The $2.2 billion fight for Extract Resources has proved a windfall for a handful of Perth businessmen who have made tens of millions backing the WA success story.Former Murchison Metals executive chairman Paul Kopejtka and executive director Robert Vagnoni, Adventure World owner Steve Sikirich and one-time Extract managing director Peter McIntyre were among the uranium explorer's earliest supporters.


With China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp poised to swallow Extract in an $8.65-a-share cash offer, calculations by _WestBusiness _ suggest the long-time backers have collectively pocketed, or are in line to pocket, more than $100 million since the fight for Extract began in earnest a little over two years ago.


For most shareholders CGNPC's long-awaited bid means a handsome profit, with Extract shares up 842 per cent in five years. But others, including many of the stock's long-time backers, have already taken advantage of its soaring share price - it hit $11.17 a share in September 2009 - to sell down or sell out.


Extract started life as a Murchison gold explorer but the seeds for its success were sown in May 2005 when it paid $400,000 to earn 51 per cent of Namibia's Husab undeveloped uranium project, now recognised as one of the world's biggest uranium deposits.


Today former Extract director Mr Sikirich and Mr Vagnoni are two of the biggest individual investors on Extract's register. Both have followed it since the early days.


Mr Sikirich held seven million shares in 2009 - worth $60 million at the current share price - but Extract's most recent figures show his stake dropped to three million shares by September last year. _WestBusiness _understands Mr Sikirich has since sold down further to about 1.25 million shares, worth $11 million.


Mr Vagnoni had 1.253 million shares at September, worth $11 million under CGNPC's bid.


Mr Kopejtka, a shareholder since Extract's start as rebadged Tuart Resources, has not appeared in the list of top 20 shareholders since 2009. However, it is understood he has pocketed more than $20 million selling his stakes in Extract and former 42.7 per cent shareholder Kalahari Minerals, which has been swallowed by CGNPC under a separate ÃÆâ€â„¢ÃƒÆ’ƒÂ¢Ãƒ¢Ã¢Ã¢â€š¬Ã…¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’…¡ÃƒÆ’â€Å¡Ãƒƒâہ¡ÃƒÆ’‚£632 million ($936 million) takeover.Then there is Mr McIntyre, who joined Extract through the backdoor listing of Coronet Resources to become the company's boss and one of its biggest shareholders. Coronet's major asset then was the Burnakura gold project sold to TSX-listed ATW Venture Corp when Husab became a company-maker.


When Mr McIntyre stepped down in 2009, he and wife Pamela held 5.43 million shares, which had he kept them would be worth $47 million under CGNPC's bid.


However, _WestBusiness _understands Mr McIntyre has already sold his entire Extract stake, most at a time when takeover rumours - including speculation about shareholder Rio Tinto - pushed its shares well above the value of the CGNPC offer that later emerged.



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Palpable sense of defeat on this board lately.


Where is RIO in any of this?


Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Rio Tinto will know one of the most professional and ruthless outfits in the game. The idea that their board would roll over to keep a desperate and cashed up China is beyond weird.


Apparent deal: Sell us your stake at 8.65 and in return you get to be the water carrier. You provide infrastruture, ip, goodwill and management and for that you get an annual fee (or a profit sharing arangement based on our terms).




Doesn't anyone get that this is a strategic resource?


By 2040 the oil wars will be over and despite the well intentioned renewable fanboys, nuclear will be the only game in town. Imagine not only having access to that resource but having access to a resource of such a quantity that it enables you to be a swing producer (think present day Saudi Arabia).


You get to dictate price along with a lot of other cool stuff.


The question for Rio is just what kind of player it wishes to be in the Great Game.


Revise the transcript of Obama's speech to the Australian Parliament a few months back.


Though it slipped under the mainstream news radar (Australians were apparently too busy watching reality television about fat people), the message was stark. US foreign policy focus will shift out of the Middle East and into Central Asia. Primary evidence of that will be two carrier groups in the South China Sea, there to maintain 'stability' in the region. Point is, China needs energy independence within two decades and the choices are go nuclear or fight the crazed hyperpower.


Some choice.


This ball is in Rio's court.

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Camus, fantastic post.


If RIO do not attempt to gain a greater control of Husab then my conclusion will be that this is part of a wider global strategy they have to align themselves more closely with the Chinese. They may be forsaking profit margin in favour of market share. In other words they roll over and expose their belly to the Chinese so that they can grow larger than BHP and Vale.


If that is the case then I think the RIO board suggested stupidity when they made their enormous single bet on aluminium and they will be confirming their stupidity by aligning themselves with the enemy of suppliers.


Look what happened in the 70's and 80's when the Japanese steel mills worked together and divided (and conquered) Australian suppliers of coal and iron ore. It is the same tactic happening here again. You would have hoped that the lessons of history would teach these people something.


Sure, RIO may end up getting a bigger piece of the pie but it will be a much smaller pie, what fools these mortals be.


I thought Peter was being a bit premature when he sold everything a couple of years ago at around $9 but he was right to do so. We all had the high 10's or even (briefly) the low 11's to play with way back then but we were looking at the stars and forgot to have our feet on the ground.


Well, I am a bright-side-of-things type guy and I am looking to the future, what do I do next, where do I go from here? I will walk away with a lot of money to play with, not as much as I hoped, but still plenty. I will also have learned more lessons and those lessons may well end up making me way more money in the long run than an extra $6 or $8 in a take-over of EXT. Sorry, I have digressed once again on one of my "personal journey" type posts.


p.s. China has become the world's factory and wealth creation will continue to grow and become staggering BUT the USA will continue to control the world's oceans and sea-lanes. Anyone who wants to move raw materials or finished goods from one continent to another can only do it as long as the USA allows them to. It will not pay to piss the USA off too much.

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Hey Lordy,


Regarding " what do I do next, where do I go from here?", when you decide, can you please let me know? I'd appreciate the opportunity to take some research tips from people like yourself, Drag and Simmo (and others), once I cash in the EXT money. I need to reinvest as i've still quite a way to reach my goal (deposit for a house), so any tips once I have some cash to play with will be greatly appreciated.


I'm going to really miss you guys once this is over. If we can "meet up" and continue our parallel journeys on the thread of another stock or two, I'd be very appreciative. Let's not all just disperse and lose the magic fellas (and Kirby and Harls).


Feeling the love?




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Absolutely no problem with sharing, I have a plan (of sorts) and its skeletal form is outlined below. If you give me your email address (maybe use the messaging facility here) I will email you with more detail.


Skeletal Plan:


1) Sit on EXT cash for a while in an interest bearing account. Doesn't need to be anything fancy.

2) Perhaps make some quick forays into share market with short term trades whilst waiting.

3) Wait for the inevitable Greek, Portugese, Spanish and Italian credit defaults, watch some of the sacrificial European banks get smashed.

4) Remain poised for the uncertainty to hit ASX stocks, particularly banks, and buy up good dividend stocks at that time. I think this will happen in July sometime.

5) Settle down, get a feel for what the dividend income will be on an ongoing basis (good site to bookmark is http://www.sharedividends.com.au/ )

6) Once I have a handle on what that ongoing income is going to be, start gearing up and buying properties in QLD and WA. Gearing to level that dividends and tax deductions allow.

7) Ride the wave of sharply increasing property prices in those states in the period of 2013 to 2017. This period is not arbitrary, there is reason behind this, will share if anyone interested.


Throughout this period, as always, keep watching for stocks that show promise (share with you guys of course and listen to your opinions too). I favour stocks that meet the criteria detailed in the book "Stan Weinsteins : Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets". This book is what made me understand what to look for. Use Victor Ruddeno's "Mining Valuation Handbook" to go into more detail on potential winners. Move in and out of dividend stocks when need arises for more speculative funds or use debt for quick in/outs.


That's it, I welcome any criticisms, opinions, refinements and tips. I am patient and don't need the gambling rush to be happy, I am happier watching wealth grow over time.

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dividend bearing stocks

why didn't I think of that about 20 years ?


then if, I bought stock called xxx that paid a 5% FULLY FRANKED div, 20 years ago

and the stock was say, $3


and today its only $ 14 and pays only 5% fully franked


gee that suggests to me, at least 10% on my money fully franked today

thats a grand idea :hypocrite:

and I did nothing for the interest, AND the capital can quickly converted to cash at anytime, within 3 days or so.


and if I was to dare to arrange my book work so that the fully franked div was paid to me ....... almost heaven sent


please don't ask me, as I know nothing :rolleyes:

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