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Refuse to believe that Rio are over the line and in the Chinese camp!!


what this does though is tells the Rio's of the world that there time is now, either cough up something better or let this little baby slip through your hands! not to mention allowing China to dictate terms on pricing..........that's one thing i'm not so sure Rio will be all to happy with!!

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I still believe that Rio have come to arrangements with the chinese, they the chinese will want someone to


process the U aist Rio have just over 20% OF EXT, what they will do now is buy some of our major s/hs, and lift their

stake, and it will be a happy little partnership, or will be happy to process the U like they offered ext, dont forget they

still have resources at Rossing, though the grade is not to flash.


I hope you are correct, I am wrong, fingers crossed.





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This seems seriously shonky to me. Even though we would not be aware of the progressive mopping up of KAH shares by KAH until after the event, I find it almost ridiculous to accept that from about 20% of KAH a week or two ago with the capitulation of APAC, that CGNPC have mopped up the ENTIRE KAH registry INCLUDING RIO!!! to own 100% of KAH (42.74% of EXT).


The disclosure then reveals that they only have 30.75% of KAH stock. Is this some over zealous Taurus moron with a dodgy abacus or what?


For the first part of the substantial ownership ann to be true EVRY SINGLE KAH SHARE would have to be in Chinese hands. Jesus, even under a friendly T/O it takes longer than that!


I smell a F.... big Siberian hampster here!

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boys and girls, you REALLY SHOULD read all the pages of this Accounm,


as it contains not only the 107mill shares info of the Notice of Sholder



What Epango paid for their 10% of Extract

and then you will no longer wonder why the s/p of Extract has been controlled by BOTS.


Who supplied the funds for the 10%

and then they will ALSO give their votes to the chinese....... nice trick china.


ANYONE would think, expect an Australian Company to place a Trading Halt on information like thats contained in the 'other' pages,

Let alone produce a seperate statement for this very important information.

And a direct statement from the Board of Extract about losing 10% of the shareholders Company


But to nicely tuck into a Notice of Shareholder.......



ps have you EVER seen or heard of a Notice of Holder etc, where it is 33 pages long ?

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