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CGNPC offers 2.2 Billion for EXTRACT RESOURCES.



Also comments from Pattersons Securities & Merrill Lynch.








The bastards are manipulating us down, as soon as I seen the 900,000 shares @ $8.49 this morning, I knew this

was going to happen.


JP Morgan ihb are the culprits.





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Hi all.



I have sent a email off to Siobhan Lancaster, asking the company to release a updated resource,

in the interests of all shareholders.


I explained that because of Hohnen, and his cohorts have reccomended to Kalahari s/hs to except

this miniscule (PITTANCE) of a offer, that if the company released a update it might sway some other

Corporates to put their hand in their pockets.


Everybody should do the same.





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At a quick glance, by far the busiest broker is noted as being 'ASX Anonymous' with over 81% of stocks traded by them. Funnily enough the amount of their buying is roughly the same as the amount of their selling.


No prizes for guessing who 'ASX Anonymous' might be.


jtmlee...do you mind if I ask where you obtained this data from? Is it reliable?

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Well, well, finally a close above the mark in London - 244.5p, and a high of 245p.


Not sure if this means anything, but I'll take it as a good sign.


C'mon Santa:

"Alll I want for Christmas is $16 for EXT"

PS: Hey simmo, what did you post that digger likes so much?


(sorry, just feeling a bit comical today, we're having our work Christmas show tonight, and I'm feeling well and truly in the mood and it's only 5:45am)



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