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very much oversold IMO too, and hardly a dramatic profit adjustment announcement. Makes it a buy for sure in my view but I see a number of seriously oversold stocks around right now so its a bit of a smorgersboard to decide what to load up with. RCG is definitely in the mix for me now however

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It would be nicer if you spelled out your views before asking for others. However, keeping it really simple:-

- RCG has delivered for shareholders from day 1 and demonstrated their capacity to position, manage and grow this business. If you have a different view I would be interested to hear it.


- The current unusual circumstances are not a reflection of RCG as much as reflection on market conditions. We each need to make our own assessment of those conditions in terms of their depth and possible longevity. I have made mine. You must make yours. Such developments are endlessly repeated. Right now everyone is running away from RIO/BHP because the ore price is falling. They want to buy back in at the bottom when it rises again. At 70 I am no newby and I tell anyone that is willing to listen that IMO the belief it is possible to sell at the top and buy at the bottom is a doomed formula.


- Is todays announcement declaring disaster or reasonable adjustment. Is it suggesting losses will drag the company into seriously worrying headwinds causing the sky to fall. Again we must each make our own judgement.


- Is the market filled with long term investors (I declare that is me) or short term and reactionary types. IMO it is the latter that create heady and dramatic swings, often in the belief they can protect their investment. Theirs is not a judgement based on fundamentals. I consider it to be erratic noise unless there are much greater issues at play than RCG face right now. In this case I do not see those greater issues and ergo see this development as an opportunity. Will it be NWH or RCG. That is my only issue right now.


I am always willing to learn so I welcome your views.



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Hi Ian,


Thanks for your reply.


I have looked into this stocks basic fundamentals on a few occasions and decided against buying mainly based on personal observations of my local TAF store and some of their brands.


Nonetheless I agree that they are a long standing profitable business and I thought you might be able to provide some research that would convince me to change my opinion.


I am also in possession of a report which shows Consumer Discretionary stocks such as Super Retail, GUD, The Reject Shop and Pacific Brands all issuing profit warnings so I am one of those, that you mention, who is avoiding this sector at the moment. These profit warnings all came prior to the Federal Budget which will not help their cause.


I do agree though that the market certainly can overeact as I have experienced with stocks that have even a minor exposure to mining.


I too am always willing to listen and learn from others with far greater knowledge than myself and hence my post.


Regards crookers


















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