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In reply to: macrae on Thursday 11/01/07 06:04pm

When people post on every board on every stock 24/7 its quite obvious that companies fundamentals are not on the agenda.One of the less fortunate aspects of (investment) boards.As for technical analysis well there is no such thing when applied to companies which fail to make profit only traders pushing their own barrow.Someone always gets caught without a seat when the music stops. QTK 18.5c.



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In reply to: macrae on Monday 19/03/07 05:50pm



hi macrae


SPP Coming up at 12cents ,,i wonder if it will get a wriggle on to encourage takeup http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif


yesterdays chart




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In reply to: crystal on Thursday 17/05/07 12:04pm

well indeed

the Pallister saga and talk about town...

parties.. yacht... trips...??

and else...

but keep it in mind..

rights issue at 2.2 cents fully underwritten and the Pallisters are taking their shares ??

uuummm cheap at 2 and more parties and wine ???

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What a turkey this has turned out to be.


I'm still trying to get a concise and truthful account of what fell over in China - this mob were supposed to stitch the place up with their u-beaut security system.


Now they propose to "potentially divest" themselves of their local subsidiary, Multitrak, so as to concentrate on the South African market! It looks as though the subsidiary was originally acquired from the major shareholder resulting in a substantial amount of goodwill being booked. Prior to divestment, said goodwill has now suffered an impairment loss, that is, it has been written off. Is the subsidiary being given away??

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In reply to: djp on Friday 29/08/08 09:01pm

djp - it appears the only one who has shown some interest in purchasing Multitrak Pty Ltd, is, yep, you guessed it MARK PALLISTER. Looks like he is going to buy it back for pretty much nothing. Mind you, it appears to be worth next to nothing.


Not sure in how much detail you read the report, however, currently QTK is before the NSW Supreme Court to be wound up due to non-payment of interest the convertible notes.

Action was instigated in early August 08. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif



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