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In reply to: lmorgante on Friday 18/11/05 11:38am

Today was the finest example of manipulation and market rigging you'll ever see, along with an embargo on posting on that hc site, surely ASIC must be watching all this, but not a peep out of them

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. . . key question in my mind is where QTK is going to raise funds from now, and on what terms?


If cash burn from previous quarter has continued this quarter, they would be running out of cash within the next few weeks.


interesting to see how that is going to pan out.

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You guys are hilarious!!!


You get on here and bag all the rampers with absolutely NOTHING constructive to offer whatsoever. You are so blind you don't even see that your downramping is just as full of it as the up rampers.


Today was the finest example of manipulation and market rigging you'll ever see, along with an embargo on posting on that hc site, surely ASIC must be watching all this, but not a peep out of them


Ayrman, I'm sorry but you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I can only summise that you started trading yesterday and have simply never seen true market manipulation or else lost a lot of money on this stock and it really bugs you to see others trade it well or maybe it just makes you angry that everyone else isn't getting burnt like you did.


Mindless Upramping and Mindless Downramping are simply two sides of the same worthless coin. Please desist or head to HC or where ever. I really enjoy reading intelligent posts both for and against but dislike having my time wasted, it's a valuable commodity.


Somehow you all have failed to notice that todays action was mostly caused by a lack of sellers. That means that an overwhelming majority of the people holding this stock totally disagree with all your negative comments and with all that is presently known in the market have decided that things are still on track and are holding their stock for higher prices.

The volume today was piddly. If this stock had needed manipulation against a torrent of panicked and desperate to exit sellers there would have been HUGE VOLUME as they tried to shaw up against an avalanche. This was simply a normal trading day of over reaction followed by value/bargain hunters, who paid up to a price at which they still feel they are buying value. I bet many of the sells that went through around 32c to 35c were the same punters who bought at 24c to 30c for a quick day trade and those that wanted to make a bit of cash back on their loss but intend to hold the original parcel. It is clear at this stage that most holders are still keen to hold their stock for better times ahead.


Clarebatt, this question was also foremost in my mind and was the main reason I saw for a selldown. The first thing that makes me think the situation may be otherwise is that they didn't lower the placement price for Thorney. (This may have been a bit of BS on the part of QTK...maybe they never had an option to lower the price) but taking it on face value it would suggest that they aren't in fact desperate to get the capital in at all (or any) cost. So, where are they going to get capital instead ? I guess to me the two obvious answers are 1) They have someone else that wanted in but missed out coz Thorney got there first and when things settle a bit these guys will take the placement (or part thereof). And 2) Maybe the Chinese are paying up front for a certain amount of the initial 100 000 transponder order and this cash is expected to come through in the near future.

I guess the 3rd possibility is that QTK management are so completely and surely convinced of their company's value that they believe Thorney will come back on board sooner rather than later anyhow.


And finally the market is a more powerful force than any poster or group of posters on a share forum. And it will ultimately be the market that decides where the shareprice will go regardless of how much we love or hate this stock as individuals. As individuals the smartest thing we can do is climb aboard a share that is rising in price and eventually sell when it stops rising and starts to go down.


Well, I've suddenly got to go to the gold coast tomorrow to shoot a reality TV show for about 3 weeks so it's going to be mostly over and out for me for a bit. I'll drop in when I can and hopefully catch up on some great analysis.


Good luck to all. CW


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In reply to: aceisme on Friday 18/11/05 10:45am

i agree with you on this aceisme....i called them just to establish that the china contract has not been affected and was told the directors are not selling..that was enough to help me not react irrationally should there be a selldown today....the focus was too much on the thorney issue and not the big picture...


however, having said that, nothing is for sure and the finger on the pulse approach is essential...i must say, it has been a hairy ride for me, too


furthermore, shares at this kind of price are bound to be volatile and thus, has great trading opportunities...


one thing i have learned is not to rely too much on the ramps and deramps and do my own research, for example....make the necessary calls to the company to hear from the horse's mouth...even then, i have to filter through the information offered by the company....that, i am aware....


to reiterate what cloudwalker has said....beware of rampers and derampers....coz huge losses are at stake if we react to 'fear of the unknown'


i have learnt a lot from this experience and boy!...a lot more to learn...


: http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

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In reply to: cloudwalker on Friday 18/11/05 09:57pm

Great post CW, I don't know what it is with Ayrman, but some of the stuff he posts amazes me. I can not see how anybody can believe this was a case of market manipulation. There were simply more buyers and sellers. Hence price goes up. That ain't manipulation. I am sure most probably expected it to start down, and stay down, but just because it rose doesn't mean it


Is it still not possible for QTK to do an SPP maybe for extra cash? I would think they'll need something soon and if the SP rises above 35c they my make one then.


Anyway, very risky, I ain't game enough to hop on atm. No MD although you would assume Pallister with his shareholding will still be running the ship. Do they need to announce a token MD by a certain date?


If the deal with China goes through then you would expect a great future for QTK. Good luck holders.

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22 November 2005

Companies Announcements

The Australia Stock Exchange Ltd


Dear Sir


Re: QuikTrak Networks Ltd. Dispute


Investika Ltd, through its partly-owned subsidiary, Tarquin Resources plc (listed on AIM in the UK), is the owner of the QuikTrak intellectual property, and is able to exploit that technology, in the UK, Europe, Russia and its former republics and the Middle East, including Lebanon.


We refer to various public statements made by QuikTrak Networks Ltd concerning its ownership and ability to exploit the QuikTrak technology.


In light of a dispute between the parties concerning the rights of Tarquin Resources plc, Investika Ltd and Tarquin Resources plc have instructed their legal advisers, Clayton Utz, to commence dispute resolution proceedings in accordance with the Australian Commercial Dispute Centre guidelines.


If this does not bring about a satisfactory resolution within 90 days of the commencement of the dispute resolution process, Investika Ltd and Tarquin Resources plc have instructed Clayton Utz to commence court proceedings against QuikTrak Networks Ltd.


Yours faithfully







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