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Director bought 400000 shares at 18 cts on 5/9


Wow!! What a profit he would have made on today's increase... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif


To be a fly on the wall in these boardrooms and to be in the know!!! I wish!


Guess us traders will just have to rely on our common sense and judgement and hope for the best..

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I agree with you, I think we will see quite a bit of activity on the Quiktrak home front in the next few months, and I am taking the opportunity to jump on board..


8th September announcement: "the company is currently exploring opportunities to expand its operations into the Middle East, UK and Europe"


12th September announcement announcing the signing of major Beijing contract: "Quiktrak are also in advanced negotiations with companies in several other countries...... successful deployment of this network provides further confidence for these companies in our abilities.... allowing us to fastrack some of these discussions"


I subscribe to this publication known as "The Inside Trader" which gives you details of what the directors are purchasing on market - and paying out of their own pocket... Note the following purchases by M. Pallister, director in the last few months:


11/8/05 - purchase of 90,000 shares at 0.13 - $ 11,700

25/8/05 - purchase of 702,000 shares at 17.5 - $122,850

5/9/05 - purchase of 400,000 shares at 0.18 - $ 72,000

30/9/05 - purchase of 517,000 shares at 0.365 - 0.38 - report reads $117,290 (however, sum on report does not equate to the average price purchased...not sure why)


Note: *** announcement of Beijing contract came through 12th September



Something in the pipeline, to be announced in the next few weeks perhaps??? Keep an eye on this stock.. it is going places and I sense further contracts being stitched up!! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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In reply to: belombre on Tuesday 04/10/05 10:57pm



One purchase made 4 days prior to China deal... and the last one actually increased considerably to $191,000......very interesting :>


but to repeat such a close call would be pushing his luck me thinks. But a great endorsement from an insider. yesterdays drop was a deliberate prompt of a few shares sold at support.... worked a treat. Noticed that the directors shares were purchsed on a similar sell off ... so accumaulation in progress on minor sell offs it seems.


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