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In reply to: cloudwalker on Thursday 17/11/05 08:37pm

cw, thorney should get nothing, according to papers disclosed today they did not live up to their end of the bargain anyway. i suggest each and every shareholder who bought based on false or undisclosed information bombard asic tomorrow morning and request a stop to any further trading in this stock until this bs is resolved. Let the bombardment commence!

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In reply to: jodpers on Thursday 17/11/05 11:17pm

Oh yes it is, should be called the wild wild west, never ceases to amaze me-every scammer invented seems to live over there.


I have to agree with you that something should be done about this, but a class action is expensive, ASIC will probably investigate these people if enough complaints are lodged,,but why they were allowed to relist with this pale substitute of an explanation is beyond even me. I guess the lawyers found a loophole yet again

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I've been led to believe that ASIC has already received atleast one complaint about management, prior to halt/suspension about a member of the QTK board by a person/shareholder close to the company.


Can't confirm anything more specific than that. Needless to say there were serious questions about the quality of management well in advance of the price spike as well.

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In reply to: doctorj on Friday 18/11/05 12:02am

Yes, there is more to this than the market has been told, this is obvious, the entire board (imo) is culpable of collectable collusion, or should that read intentional disinformation??.


I would think another immediate trading halt is in order.


I note that there is an embargo on other sites, effectively stifling any comments or discussions regarding QTK, censorship, or legal pressure being applied by whom???, surely not by the major EX investor???

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