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In reply to: jodpers on Wednesday 16/11/05 09:16am

I agree Jodpers - c'mon courtesy would be to actually inform the shareholders why we are actually in trading suspension. Afterall it is our company as we are shareholders in it, but most management only think about themselves and their own interests, not that of their shareholders. Sharesholders are only there to make money for the management in most managements' mindsets. 2 people have called the company now and QTK have indicated ann's would be coming over the last 2 days - and all we have is the Pallister resigning, which was a given anyway, as he had resigned from ZYL. Notice how it took about 5 days to tell the market this as well. Bloody pathetic

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In reply to: maxine3555 on Wednesday 16/11/05 01:58pm

Well I've just about had a gutful of the promises of an ann. and continuation of trading of this stock. 3 phone calls to the company by shareholders in the past 3 days have received indications that an ann. and resumation of trade will occur by the end of that trading day, and as is obvious, the company hasn't resumed trading yet. They are about to cop an absolute tirade of abuse if they continue to be dishonest to their shareholders. This really is not satisfactory at all.

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In reply to: MiscMan on Wednesday 16/11/05 06:18pm

miscman, you tried and i believe many have tried and many thanks....highly frustrated, too...on the other hand, no news is good news?...they are doing their very best? they are working their butts off to get things back on track?...whatever it is, i hope to think they are trying their darnest as lots are at stake....we can only wait...


tomm is another day!

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In reply to: MiscMan on Wednesday 16/11/05 12:48pm

Hi, MiscMan,


I have pointed this out to the company many times because if their website shows all info related to the old QTK - up to the time when they relisted in August, but since then nothing.


I have emailed to them several times my concerns regarding this, prior to the schmozzle happening, advising that this does not really reflect the new directions of Quiktrak considering the host of promising developments which, one would have thought, would have been updated on their website... and I promptly have received emails agreeing with me, and apparently my emails had been forwarded to such and such to address...And in the meantime, I was directed to the ASX website for the latest announcements, until they address....


Last I looked, no change...


At the moment, the more pressing problems us shareholders face are:






I know what you mean about your concerns, the same has crossed my mind but at the time, the price was flying and everthing looked on track.....


Hoping we are not left much longer in the dark, as I have told in my email to management, speculation is rife, while we appreciate the problems the company and their management are currently facing, us shareholders need to be advised as we have placed our trust... and our hard earned cash in support of the company, so do deserve to be kept informed...





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In reply to: MiscMan on Wednesday 16/11/05 06:18pm

Did my share of calling this arvo, the company sec told me that the delay was due to waiting for ASX's approval of their announcement - it was finalised earlier. That the announcement should be this arvo and share lifted tomorrow.


Invited the company sec to visit this website to view what has been discussed and feel the agonies of the shareholders....the one thing i must say is that i was received very well from the time the receptionist answered the call and the company sec has been very professional and receptive....


it would have been horrible when these things happen, the company staff avoids calls and you can contact them....


so, here' hoping and good luck everyone!



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