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Your Stock Performance For 2006?


Your average percentage return for 2006  

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78% for me.

Took out a loan last xmas and it's worked out well.




Looking back I had 31 trades that made profit and 34 that were a loss.


Most losses were small as a result of flicking off picks that I had got wrong , or who were going to have delays, rather than hold and hope.


Worst loss EBRO.

Lesson for 2006 was the same as 2005( and probably 2004), dont hold out of the money options when nearing expiry.(see EBRO)


Currently holding NWRO, INL, HAV, EMRO.


Lesson to avoid after 2006, dont mistake a bull market for brains.


Thanks to all good posters on S.S. As an after hours investor it is a great help.

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In reply to: ellroy on Monday 01/01/07 03:00pm

Hi Ellroy


Re "Lesson to avoid after 2006, dont mistake a bull market for brains."...


Good reminder - me too!!!


A few months after I'd started investing (Q1 2004) a mate asked me whether my (initial) success was skill or luck - I admitted I didn't know. 30 months on (and fantastic success), I still don't know - but I'm leaning more towards luck!!


Re learning lessons, I find that as soon as I learn one, something happens to reverse my "learning". People often claim to have learnt a lesson, without articulating what exactly they have learnt!


Problem with your "don't hold out of the money options when nearing expiry" is when to bail, especially if there is the hope of a significant announcement


Happy New Year!!!




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up at least 150% - biggest winners & holding were SMM , GDN (sold), AGS , CBH , PPP , IMP , PLA (sold) , DON ,IMA , IMU , SMO , IGO , & last week GSE.


Losing so far on SUR , CAU , BUY & lost patience on CUV . Busted on WSP & on HWE ( but that was 05 - that audited B/S was phony, that I did not anticipate )



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Hi guys


I am up about 210% up in my personal account; & 92% in my Superfund where I am a bit more cautious (a little by choice, but mostly by superannuation constraints)


My best picks were:


AGS - 1000% on my initial holding on Jan 1, and about 550% aggregate AGS holding.

CQTO - 450% average

PDN - 200% average

OXR - 100% plus much more through CFD leverage

EVE - 100%

CVI - 120%


Other excellent plays have been DYL, OMC, URA, ORG, KZL, AMP, ARU, CDU, MOX etc etc


My worst picks:


Heaps of losing trades all adding to the learning curve, but the standouts were:

1] Picking May to take a 3 week overseas holiday!!

2] Deciding to keep all my CFD positions OPEN while away!!!


My loss upon return was $75,000


Ah well, add all that to the learning curve. However, thanks mainly to AGS and a few of those mentioned it has been a fantastic year still.


Thanks to the many insightful & generous posters & All the best to all of you in 2007




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Hi guys,


I had an excellent 2006, my first 6 months or so of trading. I managed a return of 280% mostly of unrealised gains, with my realised gains being capital from trading options.


Best 3 stocks for me have been:

AGS - around 600 %

INL - 125%

EVE - 120%


Also made some good money trading EKAO & GDNO.


Lessons learnt have been to bet big on high probability events & invest in stocks based on their fundamentals. If trading, buy low and preserve your capital with some sort of exit strategy. Keep questioning why you're investing in a particular stock and make sure it adheres to your own personal level of risk-adversity. These boards are an aid to investing, but do your own research and attempt to know a company inside out before investing.


It's been a good year and i wish everyone the best for 2007.

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QUOTE (nipper @ Thursday 04/01/07 03:52pm)

I only just started back up in direct shares investment at the beginning of August. I take a fundamental approach and don't invest in miners, energy or biotechs.


My return since August has been 85% (without leverage) and was achieved through returns on the following 5 stocks:

- EPY +23

- RHD +36%

- RPC -9%

- ISS +70%

- ESS +42%


Obviously I reinvested the proceeds from EPY and RHD into ISS and ESS to generate the 85% gain.


Going forward? - stick with my strategy - buy purely on fundamentals and fundamentals only, and don't engage in those sectors that I don't understand.

I still hold ESS, 1/3 of my ISS holding and have recently purchase a clothes distributor turnaround in ATG.

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