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The vege diet is the ONLY way to get out of the global warming threats we face now.


All other ways will take too long.


It's so easy, replace meat with tofu or vege (soy) protein and save lives, become healthier and save the planet.


Otherwise we have only 4 or 5 years left to live.


It's that urgent.


We are fightting for our lives.


See clathrate thread for one of the threats.


Methane is currently being released along the coasts of the countries from the sea bed, enough to make some us tired or feeling unwell but not enough to knock us off, yet.


The colder water cities may not notice, the warmer water cities may notice.


If we cross the line, masssive amounts of gas will be released from the sea and thats that.

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In reply to: filament on Sunday 20/07/08 01:19pm

You must have watched "Spooks" on ABC last Fridaynight, Big Brother & Scarey! Climate change Terrorist's. Sorry last episode of this series witch I always enjoyed. Disagree > Meat is still real food ( Grass fed of course) Roast Beef , Pig Crackle "Yum! . My wife can remain vegitarian. Brocoli & Soy suck's > b.

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In reply to: bunyip2 on Sunday 20/07/08 02:41pm

Australia may need to experience some disasters first before people will soften up and become more open and gentle.


Perth supermarket fridges are full of meat, more so than the eastern states.


Big meat eaters here.


So perhaps Perth is first in line for some softening up.


We will see over the next month. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif

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In reply to: filament on Sunday 20/07/08 02:21pm

"Sorry" filament We agree to disagree. Any thing we do in Australia (Which will devastate our economy) will have absolutely minimum or no effect on World outcome if ALL the Major players don't come aboard. There is going to be major pain for all but why start with ourselves being the 1st to commit economic "Hari Kari"! You underestimate the Ingenuity of Man to survive. We will, There will be "Hurt" but we will overcome & prosper. It takes Crisis's like War to force change & adaptability. There are numerous alternitive sources of clean energy & opportunity & I don't expect ominivorous creatures like Man to have to give up a good Roast or BBQ! Next you'll say a good red Wine is no good for us! Now that would be serious!! b

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In reply to: bunyip2 on Sunday 20/07/08 04:09pm

Bunyip, i agree that aust has only a small percentage of the world's population and the 'main stage' that will decide our survival is overseas. USA, China, India Europe etc.


Alchohol is a disasterous drug for society, but that's a different subject.


Mankind will wake up but i suspect, by then it will be too late.


Too slow and hard headed.


I'm heartened by the Taiwanese government, at least some governments are coming around.


Bu too little too late atm.

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