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The Japanese market influences the Aussie market. The chart below shows the Nikkei and the one in the post below shows the Aussie200 over the same time frame. The Nikkei opened at 3.30 and rose higher. The Aussie followed. Then the Nikkei went down. The Aussie followed. Although it does look the other way.



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In reply to: happy2 on Monday 18/12/06 10:44pm

The market is full of ironies. While I have noticed the Australian market tends to react to what is going on in Japan (which stands to reason because the economy is still the second largest in the world, if it hasn't been overtaken by the Chinese), the ASX turned bullish in March of 2003 one month before the Japanese market in April 2003.


The weekly chart below shows the more volatile Japanese market, while the one below it shows the less volatile Australian market for the same period.


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this one isnt to do with the japanese index as such, but was the most relavent place I could ffind to post it.




Now if the japanese economy is proving this resilient - and another rate rise is on the way, how resilient is it and how many more rate rises could be on the cards? what im leaning towards more importantly........ how will this affect the yen carry situation?


Interesting as this resilience has been going on for some time now, and Japan surely couldn continue in stagflation forever.

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Last post 2008!


The Nikkei has a favourable Point and Figure Chart. Perhaps the weakening (at long last ) JPY is helping. When all the blah dies down,Japan is the third biggest economy in the world.

The ASX has IJP,an ETF which may be used to trade the Nikkei or something close to it. Been a holder of the unlisted Platinum Japan Fund and the last 12 months have a ripper.

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