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Firstly, When merger talk was on with PTD last year, DH should have given the correct and fair advice to major shareholder and CM - DH was protecting his seat. Merger should

have been done.


It seems milton is on agenda for sale.


Another big write off this time.

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In reply to: singh on Wednesday 09/02/05 08:16am

Welcome Singh. If you are the same Singh as on ozestock than it is only fair to disclose that you are a true believer of Sue Parry Jones and Paul M and for whatever reason you can't stand RG & DH.


I agree that shareholders should have been left to vote on the merger but you are not understanding very well if you thing DH was protecting his seat - if the merger went through he was going to be the CEO of the merged company and based in QLD - no doubt a nice pay rise & a pile of cash in the company to work with. He was also allowed to accelerate some of his options and excercise them for the merger bringing forward some of his AGX benefits (although he had to give up some as well but somehow I am sure he would have been granted more after the merger went through).


Can you also explain why Milton is on agenda for sale? We all wish it was but you seem to know more. Also - another big write off - is that because they are selling it or do you know something else.



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I agree with slayer on that one. DH would of been better off post merger, especially if the sp gains PTD experienced also occurred (although it is impossible to know what the post merger sp/environment would look like!).


I have also heard rumours/chatter in 'chatrooms' about the Milton sale. But that is all it is at the moment.. just chatroom rumours (ie. take with a pinch of salt). Some sort of confirmation would be nice ;-)


And the sp free fall is indicative of some leaked results unfortunately. Not good news I bet... It's always a worry when the big holders start jumping ship.


I think we need a big PR campaign or something to spark some investor interest!








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In reply to: Chump on Wednesday 09/02/05 01:23pm

A friendly reminder to all that AGX rallied from 40c to 99c in 8 weeks when Phase Ia started but it was on the back of a biotech bull run as well. TBV is worth far more than back then and if we start gettig the right headlines out of Phase II and a biotech run this stock will tickle $1 in a matter of weeks. But for now . . . . .

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In reply to: slayer on Wednesday 09/02/05 03:45pm

Interesting observation slayer.


What then, holders may well ask, are the reasons that the SP hasn't taken off since Phase II was announced? The answer to that will be in the next set of results.


As a hypothetical, if AGX is to progress to Phase III unassisted, how much extra cash (if any) is required. IMHO that is what holders are going to have to try and calculate from the results.


As to being a take-over target, in reality a fairly ordinary state of affairs if the best we can hope for is an opportunistic offer at this time.

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In reply to: bloodclot on Wednesday 09/02/05 04:56pm

You chummy bugger bloodclot. You escaped at over 50 cents.


Some of us are in so deep that optimism is the only future.


You may well be right and there are a number of significant sized sales in the last week may indicate that something untoward is afoot.


I would prefer to argue that in current bull market for resources, the biotech sector is getting no air at all. Worse still, any stock (eg AGX) that develops a down trend (for whatever reason) suddenly starts feeding on itself and ends up overshooting on the downside.


As to the reasons for the downtrend commencing in the first place. This started back at the time of the failed merger. The existing businesses may or may not still be giving problems. We'll see next week. More positively, DH is commencing discussions with the international pharmas re TBV. This will certainly drive the share price. It removes risk and locks in rewards.


In general, Thromboview seems to be on track and that is the reson most of us came aboard in the first place.



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Hi All,


Well for the time being AGX has bottomed out from around 44c (Ouch) and now stands @ 47.5c.

I hope this is a sign of things to come. Will await results with interest.

It seems along way away from the $1.00 mark where it was with the intended Peptech merger.

I just wish they would have bitten the bullet and allowed the merger to take place. I now just hope that Thrombowview is successful and the $1 mark is easlily taken out in the near future( well at least by the end of the year).




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In reply to: slayer on Friday 11/02/05 01:06pm

Not huge volume .... but then it wouldnt take much to kick it along. Still not all that significant ... it needs to get above and stay above 50c.... I feel.

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