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The Power of Property


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This topic has been created for open and free discussion of "The Power of Property". Please feel free to post any comments or questions you have about this book. If possible, state page and chapter numbers for those who have the book to refer to.


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Property or the Sharemarket, its an age old debate!


I think its best to choose what your most passionate about and also what suits your risk profile. Some cant handle the volatility of the market and prefer a tangable asset. I think a combination of the two works best, use the sharemarket for cashflow which you then reinvest in property!

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I started investing in property in the early 1980's (when intrest rates were at their peak, but property where, even compared to today's prices, abolute bargains), and got out at its peak about 4 years ago (though, I must admit, it was pure luck that I timed my entry and exit points so well) with a great profit. Would I do it again. No.


Trading means I only need to rely on my computer and paying attention to the markets......and a major bonus, I don't have to deal with tenants and their problems.

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at the the age of 29 i brought 2 costal houses on 1/4 acre blocks in mandurah everyone said i was mad ? now 10 years on and mandurah being the farstest growing city in the world yep the world those same people who sad i was mad are buying in mandurah atm and of course they are paying a lot more than i did ? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif


i love both and have a passion for both shares and property





ps i still own the 2 houses and have brought and sold a few during the ten years. iam waiting for deep swerage to come and then i will subdivide ?



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In reply to: jaolsa on Wednesday 22/11/06 09:10am

Property can be like shares in that you can't just buy any old thing and expect it to go up. Timing and location in Real Estate and Timing and sector in stocks.


While the east coast may have peaked years ago, Perth is booming. CNBC this morning mentioned Perth RE up 43% this year. Houses in my neighborhood are up about 65% in the last two years. Land in some areas has tripled in the last two years. The WA economy is growing at an unbelievable pace, leaving China in the dust. The big miners/oilers here in town have stacks of positions they have been unable to fill. All these new people coming into Perth for the resource jobs need a place to live, and the resource sector is paying very well these days, so people have the big bucks to spend, driving prices up further.


Dory, Mandurah is a magical place - even better than Perth.


Have a look at stock code PBD. They develop real estate in Mandurah. Up from $1.60 to $4.80 in the last 12 months.

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