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Recent ShareScene.com Radio Broadcast (20/08/2008 10:00:00):

UBI - Quarterly Investor Update - Mr Mark Morrisson, CEO


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from the USPTO a pending patent application published today:




United States Patent Application 20080223732

Kind Code A1

Hodges; Alastair McIndoe ; et al.


September 18, 2008



Electrochemical detection method




There is disclosed a method of measuring formation of a barrier to restrict or reduce movement of an electroactive species. The method comprises providing an electrochemical cell having a working electrode and a counter electrode spaced from the working electrode, providing a subject component, a testing component and at least one electroactive species within the cell, the subject and testing components being intended to cause the formation of a barrier to restrict or reduce movement of an electroactive species, applying a potential between the working electrode and the counter electrode sufficient to produce a current proportional to the concentration of the electroactive species being measured, and measuring the current at the working electrode to obtain a measure of the formation of the barrier to restrict or reduce movement of the electroactive species.



Inventors: Hodges; Alastair McIndoe; (Blackburn South, AU) ; Chatelier; Ronald Christopher; (Bayswater, AU) ; Chambers; Garry; (Vermont, AU)



Assignee Name and Adress: Universal Biosensors Pty Ltd.

Mount Waverley




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Well we saw it rally 40% on the back of that news settling back at $1.18 on the close.


Though this stock is still very much under the radar and trades on thin vol.


The company has all the makings of a 4-5 bagger from current levels. Distribution through one of the global giants Johnson and Johnson, and their Patent goes all the way to 2020.


It is my understanding Johnson and Johnson/Lifescan have 6-8 of their employees working full time at UBI premises.

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Seems to be a winner. I hold a small amount and will add to it. Still researching it to see how much I should hold.


There are so many good bios out there at the moment on the verge of their product hitting the markets (after many years of frustrating delays) that it is a tough decision.







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i'm really surprised that theres not more cat on here about ubi, got there 18mil regulatory clearance milestone payment and shipped there first commercial order last month and not a whisper here.... look forward to seeing the quarterly in the next few weeks. certainly some good biotechs around at the moment :blush:
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Still no sign of a launch in the US despite the FDA approval. Lifescan certainly dont seem to be in any hurry to release in their own backyard.

I've been disappointed in the lack of concrete developments in the pipeline too. They have been talking for a long time about the other applications.


Hanging in there but ,like the market, I'm starting to get a bit impatient!

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