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Investmet placed the stock at 3c in TEX...


they took up a large placement of Pegasus (PUN) at 5cents early last year and has since risen to a 52 week high of 40cents


Investmet also participated in a very large Northern Star Resources placement early last year at 2cents which have subsequently run to a 52 week high of 45.5cents.




Christopher Rowe director at TEX is also director of NST.


So in conclusion we have 3 companies supported by some pretty sticky seed investors, and the two recent asset buy ins warrant the re-rating. Buffalo sounds like it has some real blue sky potential. The next AUT...we can dream



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TEX up 22%, oppies up 18% and looking cheap.


Rights issue announced friday (ex 5 April) will enable new investors up until this date the right to buy 1/8 shares at 3c! plus free option...this should help support the stock



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