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Nice 'blind intuition'...errr research Crooky,


I bailed at 3.8c with what i had left after tax lossing a lot of my original holding from the spp at 5.5c (ouch). Still recouped quite a bit by grabbing a few hundred k at 2c a little while ago...


Good luck.

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Did anyone veiw the announcement yesterday.....a break of 9c , and we are off. Would be great to start seing the 0.5c moves on the head stock.


TEX now has existing producing assets - circa $1mil pa revenue

50% interest in 13,000 acres Buffalo project, first drill underway

and now 60% interest in 1,500 acres in the Wolfberry which has potential for 40 wells targeting 440m BOE

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The BRR below is well worth a listen for those not familar with the story.


Buffalo should be drilling around the end of the month...


35-40 well Wolfberry program to kick off in April/May with only 6-8 weeks ot bring each well into production...


Plenty of newsflow now in pipeline, lack of newsflow has been an issue for this stock in the past - not now.


With oil around $US100, and a market cap of circa $22mil and only circa 200 shares on issue - this thing could move to 15-20c trading range quite quickly.



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TEX up 27% plus today. Some good things have happened recently but does anyone know why this sudden large surge. i have held TEX for over 2 years and can't remember the last time they had this bigger gain in a day. Any clues would be appreciated.
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