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In reply to: flower on Monday 03/11/08 11:17am


I also congratulate TG for his education efforts


"Rome was not built in a day and there isn't, IMHO, any point in clouding his initial thought pattern with the next step" (quote from flower)


1st step after determining that a share is tradeable should be to set entry & exit points using whatever system is in your plan

2nd step should be the execution of the trade

not the other way around




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In reply to: Snowpony on Monday 03/11/08 02:00pm

im looking for around 40% as it isnt much money in the real world and willing to take a little more risk.



From Tylergold in response to my question


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Here's an article I found interesting on two counts:


1. Hmm - bit hard to draw a trend from one acquisition but I think the author is suggesting that the "tier 1" companies might be readying themselves to begin taking out any undervalued juniors holding big reserves. But other than Tropicana and perhaps Integra, is there much undeveloped ground around in Oz that would interest the big players (ie > 3m oz resources)? I suppose Citigold on paper also has some big numbers.


2. Check out the table of international gold companies at the bottom of the article and feel the pain of holders of any of those stocks http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif



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Best observations by gold juniors I've come across since Smokin' Joe of Ramelius Resources said a while back that they had found "shitloads" of gold:


1. In Navigator's AGM presentation by Tom Sanders, the MD, one slide contained the advice that gold stocks are currently so low relative to the gold price that readers should "sell their mother to the gypsies (and buy gold stocks)". Probably the latte set may quibble about the political correctness of it but it does get the message across.




2. in his BRR interview of 4 Dec Integra's MD, Chris Cairns, ended by describing things for IGR as promising to be "pretty damn hot". Almost thought he was referring to one of his Berocca Babes, not a patch of dirt, but then remembered that he is a geo. CC also took the unusual (but welcome) step in the last day or so of getting a hc regular (and of ss as well) to post a direct rebuttal of suggestions that the Lucky Bay mineralisation is refractory.




No doubt there is a lot of frustration amongst junior gold companies that they are operating with AUD gold at record prices, with fuel prices crashing and miners getting laid off left right and centre but the market is still treating them like they had discovered some zinc. Both NAV and IGR would kill for some positive price action before they move into getting funds to develop their mines in the next 12-18 months.

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