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In reply to: royboy32 on Sunday 04/11/07 05:31pm

Certainly worth looking at LRL (Leyshon resources). Up and coming gold producer in 2008 with around a 2m ounce gold mine in northern China. First explorer looking under the massive alluvial mining carried out over the decades and finding gold nice and cheap at $5 an ounce.


Otherwise I'm sticking with the big boys in gold.

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In reply to: chiller on Sunday 04/11/07 04:05pm

I've heard others smarter than me say they are looking at ATV Atlantic Gold, but don't have anything to add myself....has been on the Martin Place Securities list for yonks though, and THEY do have a reputation (e.g. being the promoter of MMX Murchison Metals iron ore stock at 20c now >500c)

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In reply to: denpal on Wednesday 07/11/07 03:59pm

Yeah although I note the big move of 14% was today on volume of 900k (one of the heaviest for the year).


A number of gold junior took off today - even Monarch didn't go backwards.


Of course it is great news for all the patient holders of junior gold stocks but why are these stocks surging now?


Interest rates goes up and the stock market goes up (?)


Interest rates go up so the Aussie dollar goes up and most Australian gold stocks go up (?)


In the last 6 months gold in USD goes up about 21% and goes up 8% in Aussie dollars. Costs are rising and are in Aussie dollars.


For AAM - no new announcements since 25 Oct and not a producer.


Can only assume that investors had a good Melbourne Cup (?).

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QUOTE (lexus_sky @ Sunday 20/01/08 06:48pm)

As a result of overnight action, IF repeat IF you thought Gold might have now bottomed for this move, the following gold stocks may be worth watching closely for an entry. Depends on your reading of the overall financial picture and individual risk peramaters.


Generally these are mainly unhedged, are all producers. You will probably discard some because of low volume.


WHEN gold makes its next big move, and this year because of the ongoing threat of financial chaos it COULD do exactly the opposite ie not have a summer slumber, the main target is the recent all time high of USD1032


The overnight Unhedged Gold Index gives the slightest hint of upward life, as did the spot gold price rising USD9


Excluded are: TTR RSG AVO (they have already moved) and EQU (to be swallowed by LGL)


Ones Im watching then are: CTO DIO TRY NCM CNT DOM SBM NEM LGL


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